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Rebecca Eves’ picks of the latest books, DVDs, music and television to enjoy at home


TV: Living in ‘66

Fifty years after England won the World Cup, the BBC takes a closer look at the Swinging Sixties. Going deeper than fashion, football and Beatles fandom, the regional documentaries will feature archive footage and ordinary people’s memories of this period. Charlie Hardwick presents the North East edition, exploring how Tyneside was being redesigned architecturally and socially.

Airs June 1



CD: A Moon Shaped Pool

Radiohead’s latest offering hit the virtual shelves last month and can be purchased in its physical incarnation from June 17. The band’s ninth studio album, A Moon Shaped Pool, hasn’t disappointed so far, with reviews that suggest the new recording is up to the standard fans have come to expect. It’s the innovative act’s first studio album since 2011’s The King of Limbs and their sixth to hit the number one spot.

On sale June 17



DVD: Deadpool

Former Special Forces Operative Wade Wilson is subjected to an unofficial experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers and a warped sense of humour. Under the guise of Deadpool, he hunts down the villain who nearly undid him. Ryan Reynolds takes on the role of Marvel Comic’s most unconventional anti-hero – this is not your average superhero movie.

Out June 13


Book: End of Watch

Completing the trilogy by Stephen King that began with Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers, End of Watch also stands as a tense, chilling novel. Detective Bill Hodges is hunting down The Mercedes Killer – the perpetrator of a massacre, who seems to be in an unresponsive state in a hospital room. He is, however, about to mysteriously compel several people to commit suicide before initiating a suicide epidemic.

Out June 7

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