Razer Blade Pro (pictured)

A gaming laptop that can outperform a desktop PC? Seems unlikely but Razer’s 17-inch Blade Pro offers more power than any other notebook of such slimline dimensions. In fact, featuring the latest Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and next-generation NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU, it’s the most powerful system ever built by Razer, and it boasts 32GB of memory, too. The stunning 4K monitor offers smooth frame rates and 100 per cent RGB colour accuracy to ensure the visuals match the internal performance. Out in November with a to-be-expected hefty price tag of £3499. 

At less than an inch thick and weighing under eight pounds, the Razer Blade Pro’s slender profile is in part thanks to the world’s thinnest vapour chamber cooling system, which, combined with a custom fan design, will dissipate the heat resulting from all that powerful processing. The laptop even comes with a suitably compact AC adapter.

The Blade Pro is the first notebook to utilise Razer’s ultra-low profile mechanical switches, mimicking the feel and sound of a full-size mechanical keyboard. Meanwhile, the mesmerising backlighting effects come courtesy of Razer Chroma and can be customised or synced with your gaming experience.

AirCraft Pilot Max 

AirCraft promises that its latest vacuum robot will preserve your skirting boards thanks to its ultrasonic sensors, while cleaning up a storm with its large twin brushbars and an extra-long side brush to get right into those dusty corners. Set your preferred vacuuming schedule via the remote control and rest assured that the Pilot Max returns itself to its charging dock every time, so it’s always ready for action. This helpful robot can be cleaning the floors in your home for £329.

Vivitek Qumi Q8

This smart little projector from Vivitek allows home entertainment enthusiasts to take their passion with them wherever they go. Just 19cm long and weighing in at 621g, the Qumi Q8 packs a long-life, energy-efficient LED engine, 1000 lumen brightness and 120″ diagonal FullHD 1080p resolution, plus a built-in two-watt speaker and Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether you’re using it for films, photos or documents, the Qumi Q8 can handle any event or room. Priced at £849 with a three-year warranty. 

GoPro Hero5 

GoPro has introduced a new line-up of cameras that are waterproof (up to 33 feet) without any need for separate casing. They can also auto-upload to GoPro Plus, a cloud-based subscription service enabling you to access your content wherever, whenever. The original GoPro wide-angle style image capture is still part of the deal, along with the option of non-fisheye perspectives. Hero5 Black (£349) and its little brother, Hero5 Session (£249) are available now.