Tech: January 2016

Samsung Gear VR

The latest addition to Samsung’s wearable range is now available in the UK (RRP £80). Embracing the virtual reality evolution, the latest edition of the Gear VR is compatible with the Galaxy S6 edge+, S6 and S6 edge. The UK launch coincides with announcement of Samsung’s new web browser optimised for virtual reality. The Samsung Internet app will allow users to intuitively browse the web and enjoy content in a more immersive atmosphere without having to download content onto their smartphones. It will be available to UK users later this year.

The Gear VR’s touchpad (on the side of the headset) provides greater control while offering the robust selection of film, gaming, 360-degree video and experiential content available for Gear VR, while the new Samsung Gear VR is 19 per cent lighter than the previous Gear VR and includes new foam cushioning to make the device more comfortable to wear.

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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90BLa90-15CS-A01

The launch of the BeoLab 90 marks B&O’s 90th anniversary and offers world-class design and sound technology. This intelligent digital loudspeaker measures the acoustics of its surroundings and directs sound to your favourite listening position. But at £26,995 per unit, it doesn’t come cheap!



Garmin Vívosmart HRgarmin

Vívosmart HR is Garmin’s new touchscreen activity tracker with innovative wrist technology which provides notifications including heart rate, intensity and calories burned. When paired with a compatible smartphone, the device can also receive texts, calls, email, calendar and social media alerts, and control music.




Sony a68

a68_top_front_w_SAL1855-LargeThe new a68 (ILCA-68) camera by Sony is packed with pro-style features including unique focal technology providing extraordinary autofocus performance even at very low light. The image sensor also boasts vast ISO sensitivity and the image processor with diffraction-reducing technology ensures highly detailed shots every time.




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