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A new era

What is the future of print? It’s a conversation we are always exploring.

In these very different times, we know the media landscape is evolving, and as a business we also need to adapt.

Interestingly, the direction emerging from conversations with our readers, is that they’re increasingly appreciative of the opportunity to escape the digital noise.

They want a break from the ubiquity of smart phones and social media, and in this context, print has been given the recognition it truly deserves.

To provide a pause, a slow read, a moment to reflect, and an opportunity to learn.

The intrusion of digital media into more and more aspects of our daily lives has given print a new currency, and there is a growing generation of readers who are embracing that new magazine smell.

Print offers a medium for you to connect with your audience on your terms. It’s more than just ink on paper – the words, imagery and design help us to tell your story.

But we also recognise that digital media has its benefits.

It’s instantaneous. And access to information is endless and accessible on- the-move.

With the challenges we had distributing the magazine, aside from our direct mailing, we have invested more than ever in our digital platforms over the past twelve months.

In a note to the business community early last year, we outlined that we would be changing the way we communicate our business features and news to you, the reader. And I feel confident we have delivered on this.

Our business journalist, researched and curated a daily read article, to better understand the challenges facing North East businesses and share knowledge and expertise.

This everyday communication with our readers was hugely valuable in a time when most conversation was limited to a video call.

Engagement with our digital channels increased exponentially as they became increasingly integral for businesses to share their news, views, and advice, with our website experiencing a 50 per cent increase of users year-on-year.

This has kick-started our ambition to evolve our digital platform further.

We are now more attuned to the demand for digital content and advertising, and are mapping out a landscape where print and digital can work in synergy.

A work in progress – watch this space!