A new idea to help North East businesses 

April 5, 2017

“Savage Silk was established in November 2014 to deliver a different but simple way of advising clients,” says Simon Priestley, director of the Gosforth-based law firm, who has more than 15 years’ experience providing high-level legal advice.

“Our firm was created to provide a complete and comprehensive service to entrepreneurs, companies, individuals and families for all of their legal and financial requirements, as it had become apparent that clients wanted something different from their professional advisors,” he adds.

“When developing this new concept for Savage Silk I approached several potential clients. They told me they were tired of dealing with multiple advisors and wanted a more complete professional advisory service.

“It became increasingly clear – on both a personal and business level – that people wanted access to one company that could handle their needs in legal, financial, investment and insurance matters.”

Simon continues: “Importantly, clients wanted this complete service but provided in a bespoke, discreet manner with a seamless integration between the various offerings; in essence, they wanted someone to become their trusted advisor and act as their confidante.”

Simon has consequently built a firm of professional advisors made up of high quality solicitors and financial advisors, regulated by both the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority, who can deliver the necessary advice to clients.

This team includes commercial property partner Satpal Pandal, private client partner Emma Pringle, financial advisor Declan Harrington, and corporate finance consultant Don O’Henley.

“We are authorised by two regulators, so you can be assured that compliance, risk management, trust and integrity are at the centre of everything we do,” Simon explains.

“We have serious experience across our disciplines to work with our clients at all stages of their business cycle – from early-stage entrepreneurs eager to build their businesses, to mid-stage entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals who want to look at the risk and rewards of specific ventures. We also work with later-stage clients who are looking to transition their wealth to the next generation.”

In addition to his legal work, Simon also benefits from a considerable amount of industry experience gained prior to qualifying.

“I have always been involved in the family business and spent three years after graduation in a management role,” he says.

“This experience has made it easier for me to understand how business owners and senior managers act and behave.

“In essence, they want to concentrate on their work rather than spending hours dealing with different professionals to sort out their pension, succession planning or property finance.”

Savage Silk supports a broad range of clients across sectors in the region including retail, pharmacies, dentists, GPs and agriculture.

“These clients are contributing to our region’s success and our multi-disciplinary approach provides a responsive, seamless and high quality solution to their legal, financial, insurance and investment requirements,” says Simon.

“We are one of only a few firms nationally that has sought and won approval to be authorised by the FCA to provide financial services advice to clients.

“Our structure also means clients have one point of contact while a team of lawyers and advisors will work together to provide a bespoke solution. We also pride ourselves on our ability to

communicate effectively and speedily so that matters are concluded to our clients’ complete satisfaction in the quickest possible time.

“Since 2014, we have worked on some great deals, from the sale of Hexham racecourse to providing growth funding for a client who needed short-term finance to assist with a growth opportunity into China. We have also advised a number of high net worth individuals on how to structure their affairs, which has given them the security that their wealth was preserved for themselves, immediate family and for the next generation.

“We have provided funding for clients to assist in the purchase of commercial investment property and buy to let property and then dealt with all legal and financial aspects of the transaction.”

Simon concludes: “At Savage Silk, we focus on securing results and getting deals done and would be delighted to meet with any business owner or senior executive who would like a complete advice legal and finance service under one roof.”

Savage Silk’s values are critical to its consultative approach 


The firm will always keep matters private.


Savage Silk will become part of your team and will get to know how you and your team work and operate.


The firm will make sense of difficult and complex legal and financial jargon.


Savage Silk strives to seek and maximise every opportunity for clients.


The team uses its experience to help shape transactions to meet the client’s objectives.

Savage Silk