A Year in Review: What 2020 Looked Like For Us

December 18, 2020

As was the case for many of us both personally and professionally, 2020 was an unpredictable challenge that forced us all to change the way we worked, thought and communicated. Within the industry, the last 10 months has been a year of reactive marketing campaigns, quick-thinking creatives and adapting businesses. We’ve had to adjust both how we communicate with clients and how we operate in line with a different type of demand in an entirely digital world.

At Projector, as with many other businesses around the world, we’ve been busy this year. From kicking off 2020 to a flying start and navigating our way through the pandemic, to being in a position of hiring new employees to help us continue to support our clients in whatever comes next. Here’s how 2020 looked like for us.

The first half of the year

After a successful end to 2019, we started our 17th year in business in high spirits – continuing the legacy of the previous year by maintaining strong relationships with our core clients and welcoming some new prospective projects and partnerships onboard. Then, March came – and the rest, as you’ll all know, is history…

We all waved goodbye to the studio for what would turn out to be 5 long months, and began to tackle each day as it came. As a team of creatives accustomed to bouncing ideas off one another day-to-day, we had to adapt the way we carried out everyday tasks to this new virtual way of working. After a short adjustment period, we came out the other side – sharing thoughts, feedback and ideas in a new way that worked for us and our clients.

With a global focus on the digital sphere, we used this opportunity to support those of our clients who were forced to close during this period, by redesigning their online platforms and refocusing their creative output to target new objectives. From entire website designs to new marketing material made to keep their social media presence alive and active, we did what we could to support those of our clients in Hospitality who felt the harshest impacts, the most.

Come the second quarter of the year, some of our clients were fortunate enough to be in a position where their products and services were in increasing demand. From the rising need for socially-distanced van fleets which saw us produce campaigns to support enquiries for our client, Northgate, to helping our financial services client, True Potential, recruit a record-breaking number of advisors. As such, our strategic approach quickly altered in line with a faster-paced demand for creative output that would help get our clients’ immediate message across.

The second half of the year

The second half of the year began with the steady reopening of society – and for us, this meant preparing for when our hospitality clients were allowed to reopen. During this period, we worked throughout the UK’s summer staycation boom to produce supporting material to fill rooms and drive record bookings.

Come August, following the government’s advice that we could begin to return to work, we came back to the studio prepared for a new way of working, ready to tackle the summer rush just in time for acquiring another hotel client, Matfen Hall. To further support this, we hired 3 new team members in 3 different areas to ensure Projector remained and succeeded as a well-rounded creative agency.

We hired Yaz, to help consult on our digital marketing output and add a new branch of service to the Projector offering. Then, we welcomed Matt, who came on board as an experienced designer ready to contribute fresh ideas to our creative team. And finally, in a move to help us focus our attention a little more on Projector (which appeared to get a bit lost while we helped out our clients throughout the year) Martin – an experienced business development manager – joined us to further support Projector’s move from strength to strength ahead of 2021.

It’s safe to say that 2020 didn’t turn out the way any of us expected. However, we did learn a few valuable lessons along the way.

Firstly, we saw the benefits of our previous brand work come to light as our clients remained in strong positions to tackle the impacts of the changing markets. Secondly, we learnt how important our team spirit and communications with our clients and each other was in helping us continue to produce thoughtful output throughout the toughest of times. And finally, we came to understand and celebrate the creative sector – seeing the value that quick, creative thinking has had on helping businesses navigate through the pandemic in all industries.

In 2021, we’ll continue to prioritise these three lessons. If you’d like us to help put your business in a stronger position next year, get in touch with us today.

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