Actions not words deliver top brands

April 8, 2016

… says Daniel O’Mahoney, managing director of Bradley O’Mahoney Public Relations, using Hodgson Sayers as a prime example

The term ‘dare to dream’ could have been penned specifically for Hodgson Sayers Limited.

Here was a company that had been operating well under the radar for over 40 years, quietly and diligently providing roofing and allied services within the demanding North East construction sector. It had loyal staff and a customer base that always received a quality service, on time and within budget. On the face of it, a company like so many others in its sector.

Fast-forward to November last year, when representatives from Hodgson Sayers travelled to London to take part in two of the UK’s most prestigious industry awards and on both occasions stole the show, taking the title ‘UK Company of the Year’. From nowhere, the company was in the national spotlight as it picked up the top award first at Constructing Excellence and then the British Chamber of Commerce national finals.

This was the reward for years of hard work and, in particular, the development of a company culture based simply on doing the ‘right thing’ and acting with honesty, decency and integrity in business.

The company won the awards not because of its products and services but for its exceptional culture and how it brings that culture to life by its actions and behaviours. It is in the constant delivery of its promise that Hodgson Sayers is so effective and it is on this ethos that its reputation has been built.

Bradley O’Mahoney Public Relations has engaged with Hodgson Sayers for three years and our role is to assist the company to punch above its weight and to find innovative techniques to communicate its culture and values. We encourage clients to view business through the eyes of their customers and stakeholders and to mirror their behaviours, so that from a cultural viewpoint there is a natural, almost subliminal, attraction.

Our partnership with Hodgson Sayers has taken us far in a relatively short space of time, and has seen our supporting its two national awards and a full-company brand refresh.

Operating in a sector that has reputational issues, Hodgson Sayers takes the view that its brand is owned not by it but by all those it makes contact with. It is the old adage that your brand is ‘what people say about you when you are not in the room’.

So, what would they say about Hodgson Sayers?

  • It was the first company in the construction sector in the region – and only the second nationally – to adopt the living wage, as recommended by the Living Wage Foundation. This even extends to apprentices aged 18.
  • Apprentices always comprise at least ten per cent of the workforce and are guaranteed jobs on completion of their training.
  • Following its ISO14001 environmental accreditation last year, the company invested £300,000 to support the introduction of a hybrid car fleet across the business.
  • It was an early adopter of the Considerate Constructors initiative, aimed at improving the image and perception of the construction sector.

These are all actions that define and reinforce the company’s core values. Actions speak louder than words. Promises that are matched with positive actions build great brands.

Photo: Daniel O’Mahoney (centre) with Mike Wade, finance manager, and John Sayers, managing director, both Hodgson Sayers.

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