An open approach to diversification   

September 1, 2018

Bradley O’Mahoney Public Relations is helping North East-based Washington Direct Mail and its new sister company, MyOpenData, create a clear and consistent voice

A 12-month period with investment of £250,000 in new technology and a strengthening of the senior management team has seen Washington Direct Mail grow by 50 per cent and looking to a turnover in excess of £3 million for the year.

While the investment has focused on the company’s traditional areas of expertise – personalised direct mail, litho and variable digital printing, data cleansing, fulfilment, dispatch and response handling – another very significant development aimed at future-proofing the firm is being launched.

MyOpenData Limited is a company with a social and charitable conscience established by four of the senior management team at Washington Direct Mail.

Jason Sullock, UK marketing manager at Washington Direct Mail, says: “Our goal is to become the UK’s largest open data library, offering smart data based on sources such as the census returns and the residential address database. We are going to provide this information free-of-charge to any marketers, owners and managers of SME businesses for use in direct mail campaigns.

“Unlike traditional data sources, open data lists do not require GDPR compliancy, because the data is anonymous.

“All of this is made possible by building a unique online platform. It allows members to search a library of previously separate open data sources and marry them up with household and business addresses to create data lists for use in research, communications, sales and marketing. This means you no longer need to hire a data consultant or an in-house data analyst to access them. You don’t even need any data analysis skills because MyOpenData uses easy-to-use menus of data sources and algorithms.

“This has never been done before in the UK. We are bringing all these open data sources together in one place, creating easy access to them through menus, making it possible to profile and compare your existing customer data and providing the results to you free of charge.”

The company recognises that to create a strong presence in the marketplace it needs to punch above its weight, and for that reason has engaged with Bradley O’Mahoney Public

Relations to assist it to communicate with a clear voice. Established in 1991, Bradley O’Mahoney represents a wide range of ambitious SMEs and owner-managed businesses in the North East including Hodgson Sayers, Park Electrical Distributors, UTS Group and Activ Technology.

Meanwhile, Washington Direct Mail’s core mailing business has recently been certified to ISO27001 for best practice for an ISMS (information security management system).
Certification demonstrates a company is following information security best practice and provides an independent, expert verification that information security is managed in line with international best practice and business objectives.

Lynn Beasley, managing director of Washington Direct Mail, says: “We are one of the very few firms in the UK direct mail industry to gain this standard and it means we can now compete against major UK print and mail companies. We believe we can clearly differentiate ourselves in this new arena, in that, as an SME, we are fleet-of-foot, highly responsive and offer flexible pricing structures.

“Many of our major UK competitors may struggle to match us on many of these because they’re geared up for vast volumes that don’t change very often, or they’re located in areas of the country such as the South East that have huge in-built overheads. We have come a very long way in the last two years but we operate in a very competitive and demanding market.

That said, there are some fantastic opportunities for growth and we aim to take advantage of them.”

Bradley O’Mahoney

Washington Direct Mail

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