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February 3, 2020

Ben Tremewan is an assistant quantity surveyor at Elliott Associates and is studying to become a Chartered surveyor through a degree apprenticeship at Northumbria University. Here, he explains why he has chosen this route and how his employer is supporting him

What apprenticeship are you studying?

I am currently studying the Chartered surveyor degree apprenticeship at Northumbria University, while my pathway is quantity surveying.

What was it about the apprenticeship that appealed to you?

I saw the apprenticeship as an excellent opportunity to achieve a degree and gain real-world experience. Being able to study a university degree part-time while earning a salary is a great opportunity for anyone.

Is there another route into your chosen career? If so, why did you choose an apprenticeship?

Yes, my career as a quantity surveyor can be achieved by studying a full-time university degree or by studying an HNC (Higher National Certificate). I chose the degree apprenticeship because it’s a great opportunity to mix between a university environment and the professional working world. The Government mostly funds the degree apprenticeship as my employer is an SME and as such a non-levy payer, meaning there is only a minor cost associated with the apprenticeship, compared to a full-time/part-time degree.

Briefly, what does it involve?

The degree apprenticeship involves carrying out the workload of a full-time degree, including exams, coursework and group projects, attending Northumbria University one day a week. For the further four days, I carry out the full duties and jobs that are involved in being a quantity surveyor, through my employer Elliott Associates.

How will the apprenticeship help you in your career?

The apprenticeship massively helps you develop as a person, learning to manage work, university and a social life. One of the main benefits is being able to apply what you learn at university in your day-to-day job and vice versa. Learning the industry in your daily job really helps you to develop knowledge gained at university.

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