Balancing Act: Hayley Fox

October 3, 2017

Hayley Fox, managing director of Foxy Hair Extensions, took up Thai boxing to keep fit. While she no longer competes, she helps to teach the martial art to others at her local club

I started Thai Boxing around nine years ago, as a way to keep fit.

I now help to teach students at Erawan Thai Boxing in Trimdon, Durham.

I had a good four years of fighting. I fought some of the best girls in the UK for my weight category.

There’s no padding involved when you compete. You just have your gloves and gumshield.

Injuries are common, however, I was lucky and suffered no more than bruised shins and the odd black eye.

I’ve stopped fighting now, and take a more leisurely approach to training. I train a few times a week, and help the other members of the club. I also supplement my training with strength and conditioning work – specifically powerlifting.

I like the technical aspect of Thai boxing. It’s not just mindless violence. You have to be clever and know how to score.

Patience and dedication are essential. Nothing comes overnight. There are lots of different aspect to Thai boxing, and lots of different parts to master.

The first step into Thai boxing is the hardest but I guarantee you will be hooked after a few sessions. There is nothing better than feeling yourself getting fitter and fitter and watching your technique improve.

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