Balancing Act: Nick Manson

January 4, 2016

Nick Manson, managing director of Mansons Property Consultants Ltd, is a self-confessed petrolhead with a diverse car collection featuring a classic Land Rover, Minis and Peugeots; sure to be the envy of any motoring connoisseur

My car purchases are motivated by the emotion the car evokes.

 I’ve loved cars since my childhood, playing with my Corgi miniatures. My family were also interested in cars and had a 2CV, Mini, Land Rover Defender and a Lotus Cortina. One of my earliest memories is spending three days in the back of a 12-seater Land Rover on a family holiday to Spain.

As a car collector, you can never have enough. My collection will always have one less than I’d like!

Top of my wish list is an Audi UR Quattro, a Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione II and a Ford Escort RS2000 Mark I. But I think they will only ever be on the wish list, rather than in reality.

 I would describe my collection as eclectic with a hint of childhood nostalgia.

My most recent purchase is a Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 from the 1980s. I plan to fully restore it and use it as much as possible. The bodywork has taken a lot longer to repair than originally intended, but it’s now having all the mechanicals restored, rebuilt or renewed. So fingers crossed, it should be on the road soon.

The Mini is iconic, cute and very nostalgic and it’s easily the favourite car of my collection. As a child, my sisters and brother all learnt to drive in my grandad’s Mini and I have fond memories of being chauffeured around by them in it.

I don’t restore the cars myself. Adrian Cairns (AC Auto Colour) at the coast does most of the bodywork and painting while Dave Bell (Autolink) in Sandyford is the mechanical genius.

I drive my cars as as often as I can. I also usually take the Mini for a couple of outings a year to Croft Circuit.

 Luckily my partner, Stephanie, is as much of a petrolhead as I am.

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