Beat stress the holistic way

September 8, 2016

Work stress, peer pressure and too much time spent on social media could be damaging our health and making us miserable.

Now fitness chiefs at the Spa at Ramside are addressing the need for a good work/life balance with a new Holistic Health Plan.

In today’s 24-hour society it’s getting harder and harder to simply stop and take some time out.

If we’re not working longer hours, we’re checking emails on our smartphones, or scrolling through social media, snapping selfies and comparing ourselves to others.

And it’s causing us to become more stressed and unhappy, according to Matt Jordinson, fitness manager at the spa, which is located within Ramside Hall Hotel in County Durham.

He says: “I think on the whole, people today are spending too much time in work mode and this is having serious implications on their health and happiness.

“We live in a society where it’s all about work and then if we’re not working, we’re sitting on social media and this brings its own problems. This culture of Instagram and selfies is making people feel more than ever that they have to look a certain way.”

Matt believes a healthy balance of exercise, good food, the correct amount of sleep and just general health housekeeping can make all the difference to a person’s wellbeing.

And these are all areas that are covered in the spa’s Holistic Health Plan, a new initiative which aims to improve the quality of life of its members.

Open to new and existing members, the plan introduces health and fitness goals based on the individual’s needs.

Matt explains: “We sit down with our members and go over the full plan, looking at several different elements and then look at how they can make improvements. Each one is tailored to the individual to target the areas which are affecting them the most.

“We look at things like sleep management, find out what time they go to bed, whether they wake up at certain times during the night, or wake up before or after the alarm goes off – things like that to see what changes can be made to give them better quality of sleep and as a result a better quality of life.”

Sleep is just one area covered. The plan also looks at stress management, eating habits, posture and movement analysis, awarding scores from a points system which are then added up and a health and fitness plan is devised to improve those problem areas.

Spa director Jill Russell believes a spa environment is much more beneficial than a standard gym.

“Regular exercise at a spa brings far more benefits because as well as the gym facilities we can offer the luxury of the relaxation element too,” she says.

“At the Spa at Ramside our aim has always been to improve the wellbeing of our members and deliver the ultimate lifestyle spa destination. We believe our new plan will enable more people to enjoy a much better work/life balance.”


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