Boosting employee engagement through technology

April 2, 2019

Investment in IT is often assessed in terms of the expected benefit to the customer and, ultimately, how this will impact the bottom line. However, Atlas Cloud, an award-winning managed service provider based in Newcastle, considers the engagement of employees to be just as important, as one new recruit reflects

The workplace as we know it is evolving, led as much by employees as it is by customers. The expectations of employees can no longer be ignored, something Atlas Cloud attribute to the recent increase in demand for their hosted desktop service.

By providing 24/7 access to work desktops, email and applications from any internet connected device, the team at Atlas Cloud are confident that their IT solutions can help employee engagement to soar. Aside from customer testimonials, the company knows how well it works because their own employees are afforded the full flexibility that their solutions provide.

From an employee perspective it all centres around facilitating flexibility and developing that elusive work-life balance.

A recent Atlas Cloud recruit, Martin Sharpe, reflects: “Having worked at companies where remote access to the internal network was considered a privilege, it was immensely refreshing to find that, at Atlas Cloud, remote access is what they’re all about.”

By being able to work from home and not being restricted to the archaic nine to five working day of the past, Martin has been able to balance his life commitments with that of his work.

“I was able to attend my son’s Nativity play without it having any impact on my workday. Being able to start work early and cut out the commute made all the difference,” he adds.

Martin is also impressed that he’s no longer restricted to employer-provided devices: “Hosted desktops allow you to use any of your own devices. Not only does this mean you don’t need to lug a laptop back with you every night if you want to work at home, but also that you get to use a device of your choice, something that you’re very familiar with and perhaps prefer to use.”

Because hosted desktops essentially run on powerful data centre servers, you really can use any old device. Speaking of his personal laptop, Martin says: “When I log in to my hosted desktop from home, I’m powered by the cloud. It turns my ‘brick’ into something akin to a top-spec laptop.”

Martin was able to seamlessly work from home following knee surgery, something that would ordinarily have put him out of action work-wise for several weeks.

He concludes: “This experience has really changed my perspective on the outlook for the modern workplace and proved to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, just how positive an impact cloud technology can have on productivity and employee well-being.

“As a result, I’ve never felt as committed to a company as I do working at Atlas Cloud. Hosted desktops, coupled with a supportive and flexible employer can really solidify an employee’s commitment to the cause.”

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