Brand applies to places and premises too 

March 4, 2018

… says Kevan Carrick, principal of JK Property Consultants

The brand of any business relates to how its staff, customers, clients, stakeholders and others perceive it.

At JK Property Consultants (JKPC), it’s no different. What we do and how we do it gives our clients and potential clients confidence that our service will achieve a standard of excellence.

It’s one of the reasons why I helped to co-found the North-East Initiative on Business Ethics (NIBE).

NIBE is a company limited by guarantee and was set up to challenge the private and public sectors and academia to achieve responsible business.

First impressions count 

How people perceive a business is crucial to its standing in the community, profitability, attraction of key people and future trade.

That is why when JKPC is asked to acquire property on behalf of a client, the first question asked is what impression the company wishes to give in relation to the quality and standard of the accommodation being sought to meet their needs.

This criteria of perception needs to be incorporated in the three primary economic factors arising in the choice of accommodation and location, namely, proximity to market, labour and materials. All these factors matter when formulating a decision on the best located building to meet the company’s needs.

The experience to prove it 

JKPC has made several acquisitions recently for numerous clients such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, NewcastleGateshead Initiative, Turner & Townsend, and Atom Bank. All considered carefully the overall needs of the organisation so we could find the type of accommodation that was most appropriate.

Singling out North East-based national digital bank Atom Bank as an example, the choice of its headquarter buildings was crucial at a time when confidence and perception of the banking sector generally is low.

High levels of sustainability and care of the environment and the full spectrum of corporate responsibility came into consideration to engender confidence. The acquisition of the Rivergreen Centre at Aykley Heads, Durham, met these criteria. The Rivergreen Centre is an acclaimed, exceptionally designed building which is highly environmentally friendly.

The acquisition of office accommodation is a similar case in point, requiring the identity of Grade A office space that is modern, effective, sustainable and – most importantly for the attraction and retention of key people – an enjoyable place in which to work with all amenities close by.

This can also be applied to manufacturing space, particularly where high-value engineering is carried out and modern well-designed laid out space, maintained to a very high standard, is required.

A consideration for all organisations 

This might not be patently obvious when choosing business accommodation, but I wonder how many organisations actually think through the choice of the location of property and its impact on the brand, especially when it’s likely a considerable amount has been or will be spent.

We are in a highly competitive market, both as individual companies and as a region. Thus, how people perceive us has an even greater impact upon business development, value of orders and, most importantly, the attraction and retention of our people.

JK Property Consultants LLP

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