Branding in 2021: Lessons from 2020

December 1, 2020

2020 has been a year of reactive marketing campaigns, quick-thinking creatives and adapting businesses. We’ve had to adjust and, just as quickly as we’ve learnt to cringe while watching programmes filmed during a time before social distancing, consumer habits and the way we shop has changed.

Aggressive marketing tactics have disappeared in favour of more compassionate strategies that convey the emotional rhetoric many have craved.

The question now is; which of these responses do we need to consider in branding strategies for 2021?

To help answer this, I’m looking back at 2020, highlighting what brands can learn in advance of the new year.

Going digital

Lockdown restrictions forced consumers online; impacting all types of businesses in all types of sectors. Those who weren’t prepared for this digital direction suffered most and had no option but to quickly adapt to a new way of selling, servicing and surviving online.

In 2021, those who previously viewed the move to digital as a temporary solution should revise their outlook – building an audience they can engage with at a touch of a button. This is something we, at Projector, feel passionate about and are currently helping our client, Statex, with.

After COVID-19 restricted their physical sales team from getting out and about to meet with clients and customers, we identified the increasing need for their move to digital. Starting with a new website and unified brand voice, we’re helping to ensure their resilience against future turbulence in 2021.

Responsible branding

Coronavirus has devastated businesses across all sectors. So, consumers made it their mission to run to the aid of those struggling businesses they’d made a connection with in person or online. As such, it’s become increasingly clear that brands who’d taken the time to share their back stories with the aim of deepening their consumer-brand connection, have been able to capitalise on that human connection.

Buyers no longer just want to know, they need to know the story behind the brands they choose to support. Taking the time to convey your business as a positive force in an uncertain market will help to promote business growth.

Reinforced focus on creativity

Back in January 2020, it’s likely you had a rigid communications plan in place that left little room for deviation. Fast-forward a year and it’s unlikely you stuck to this – instead, opting for a reactive and therefore creative approach to your branding and communications to help tackle the COVID-19 storm.

What can we learn from this in 2021? It’s clear that thinking creatively to combat problems has been one of the ways many businesses have been able to fight through the pandemic. Whether this involves taking a step back to look at how your audience has changed, or focussing on new products and services to appeal to a changing market, considering creativity at every step of the process is sure to make you stand out against your competitors.

If there’s one thing we can take from 2020, it’s that branding remains crucial when it comes to business recovery. If you think you might need some help with your branding in 2021, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you tackle 2021 head-on.

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