Building a brand of real people 

March 4, 2018

Gordon Brown Law Firm is looking to break down the traditional corporate image of law and replace it with a more approachable and friendly brand, developed by its team

For any professional services firm, it is important to maintain brand authenticity and ensure that the business has personality and depth, rather than just a name.

At Gordon Brown Law Firm LLP (GBLF), its people are its brand, and the firm is proud to have a team of straightforward and grounded lawyers offering well-informed, bespoke advice to its clients.

GBLF has brought this to life through the firm’s real people brand, which is breaking down the corporate image of solicitors, while ensuring its clients feel that they are dealing with a real person that understands their circumstances and who they can relate to.

The first step to creating the real people brand was to identify what really sets GBLF apart – the fact its lawyers are approachable and friendly. Based on these findings, GBLF established a brand of ‘real people, really great lawyers’, which truly places its people as the face of the business.

Building a brand of real people has enabled GBLF to connect with its clients on a person-to-person basis. It is a client-orientated firm, with lawyers that deliver excellent services across a range of practice areas; this service is authentic and tailored to each individual, because it comes from a real person rather than a faceless individual.

Looking past the legal specialism or daily routine of a financial controller to their passion for running, or a solicitor’s love of collecting quirky shoes, has enabled people to see the diverse nature of the team, whilst allowing GBLF to develop the image of the business as a people-centric firm even further.

Since introducing the real people brand, the firm’s senior management team has encouraged everyone at GBLF to get involved, across all levels of the business. From its managing partner to its business development manager, a paralegal to an associate, the entire team feel more coherent and solid as a business since the brand was launched. This is particularly important as the firm operates across two offices in the North East, so developing a feeling of togetherness is essential to ensure efficient service across every department.

While the impact of the real people campaign on clients is important, GBLF values its people, their morale and workplace satisfaction as a top priority. Through establishing a people-focused brand, it has been able to connect with and understand the individuality and authenticity of every team member, enabling employees to understand each other more, bringing the team closer together and strengthening relationships.

With offices located in Newcastle and Chester-le-Street, GBLF’s experienced team of ‘real people’ offer a range of legal services and advice across all areas of family, residential conveyancing, wills and probate, dispute resolution, corporate and commercial law.

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