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December 7, 2018

The team at Newcastle-based brand and design agency Projector reveal how they use expertise and genuine passion to help businesses perform better, no matter what the market

Since opening its doors back in 2003, Projector has worked with a wide range of businesses, from exciting new start-ups to established global brands.

Managing director Phil Lowery smiles as he reflects: “We’ve worked in a huge variety of sectors, so many I actually forget sometimes: I was telling someone the other day ‘we don’t have experience in retail’ then I remembered the time we won an award for a fashion label in our early days!

“It’s funny, in the last 16 years I’ve had to become an expert in financial products, tank attachments, paint, selling vehicles and even handbags at one point. But I think we have to really get under the skin of the business to deliver the best solution.”

Following the discovery phase, the team’s next step is to apply creativity to help bring the strategic output to life in exciting ways.

Glen Craig, head of design says: “Our clients often need help with their strategy – some recognise it, some don’t, but what everyone gets excited about is seeing new creative work.

“It’s my job to make sure that all the thinking done at the outset is communicated in an engaging way. It’s great to go on that journey with the client and see the buy-in. And, for many of our clients, it doesn’t stop there; they see the value in us implementing their brand daily which sees my team working on everything from brand communications and advertising through to design.”

Combining expertise with an open and collabroative approach, Projector is a diverse team of creative thinkers, strategists, designers, writers, marketeers and problem solvers. They’ve come together from various backgrounds and agencies across the UK, having worked on global super brands that include NHS, Liberty London and London 2012 Olympics, as well as some quieter successes making some lesser-known brands a little more famous.

Whatever the business challenge, the team at Projector have the creative expertise to solve it. Offering a range of services across brand, design, and digital, the team pride themselves on building strong brands that help businesses perform better.

Discussing the agency’s emphasis on collaboration, copywriter Sammy Martin adds: “It sounds clichéd but, being a small agency, we know that accountability is key and we place a very high value on growing great client-agency relationships that go the distance.

“It’s refreshing to be part of a team that doesn’t have a cookie-cutter way of working; instead, we collaborate with each of our clients from the outset to help them find focus, bring their individual stories to life and drive their brand forward.”

Phil and his team are dedicated to delivering great solutions to businesses of all sizes, bringing them closer to their audience and further apart from their competition.

To find out more about Projector’s strategic and creative branding services and how they could help build your business, contact Phil on: 0191 265 2400

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