Burning Issue: What impact does basing your business in the North East make on your employees’ well-being?

September 13, 2016

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Stuart Godfree
Managing director, mkodo

At the latter part of 2014, mkodo started to investigate the commercial and work life balance opportunities of opening a second o ce outside London. We eventually chose Newcastle. One of our colleagues volunteered to help set-up the new o ce and moved from Wimbledon to Newcastle. e positives of Newcastle are apparent, his daily commute of one hour each way, is now down to a 25 minute ‘stroll’. He now owns a car (impractical, expensive and relatively unnecessary in London) and can drive out into the country side at the weekends. His also says his apartment in Newcastle has a living room the size of his whole at in London and is less expensive, quieter and more modern. Your money just goes much, much further in the North East. His whole experience has been extremely positive and he soon will be searching for a house to buy in the area.

Kevin Mann 
CEO, Tidy International

Newcastle is a vibrant city with lots of energy. is makes a big di erence, for a creative cloud so ware company like ours, on positive sta attitudes and productivity. e North East has an industrious and creative history and this continues today with an inspiring array of technology and research rms to mix with. Some of the UK’s top universities being part of the area massively adds to this. Outside of the workplace there is a vast range of culinary, cultural, sport and recreation o erings everywhere. Having lived and worked in arguably some of the world’s best cities and locations including my native New Zealand, New York, Melbourne and London, I feel qualified to say that Newcastle and the region rates highly as a great place to work and live.

John Harrington (pictured)
CEO, Top Brass Contracts

As a company that designs and supplies furniture and upholstery to the hotel trade, we recently decided to relocate our production from London to Hartlepool. Only two of us have relocated to the North East so far but we have found it a great place to live. Our kids are enjoying the beach and when it rains the sunshine seems to come out straight away! We are employing a workforce from the local area because they have the skillset that we couldn’t get in London. Skills from hands-on woodcra to data and design. e people are skilled and hard- working and appreciate a good job here.We have only been in the North East for a short while but everything from the people to the standard of living ticks all of the boxes and we hope to continue to grow and ourish here.

Richard Hogg
Managing director, Jackson Hogg Recruitment

The North East is a fantastic place to be based and it has a number of bene ts for our team. Home ownership is within the grasp of almost everyone on a professional salary in the region, even within a few years of starting work. is is something people in equivalent jobs in London could only dream of. As a region we can keep more of the excellent graduates our universities produce if we made a bigger deal out of our low cost of living and high quality of life.