Business lunch: Gusto

October 2, 2019

Nohing satiates the British palate quite like food from a good Italian restaurant.

Whether it’s your local trattoria, a pizzeria or something gourmet, our love affair with the cuisine cannot be overstated.

If the relationship wasn’t strong enough, certain operators are putting an Italian twist on the nation’s favourite, Sunday lunch.

One such place is Gusto Newcastle. W

edged in between the Malmaison hotel and Pitcher and Piano, Gusto has long been thought of as one of the city’s finest establishments.

Their Sunday lunch offering builds on that legacy and gives hungry customers genuine food for thought.

The Gusto roast is available at a very reasonable two courses for £20 or three for £25.

Choose from the a la carte menu for starters and desserts and then it’s either sirloin of beef, lamb rump (both served pink) or roast chicken (served on the bone).

We opted for the two-course offer, which proved a prudent decision when the banquet of roasted goodness arrived.

The sliced beef was pink right through to the edges; the kind of colour only made possible by many hours of careful cooking. The chicken was very well seasoned and perfectly succulent to the taste.

Accompanying these were duck fat roasties, Yorkshire pudding and a smorgasbord of vegetables.

Honey-glazed Chantenay carrots and parsnips, braised balsamic red cabbage, buttery spring greens and the most amazing cauliflower cheese – Italianised as cauliflower carbonara with “Gusto’s raison d’etre is ‘elegantly Italian’ and really there is no better way to describe the food” 107 crispy pancetta.

As we were tucking into our dinners, an Italian family came in and sat down opposite us – if ever a restaurant needed a vote of confidence, this would be it.

All too often with a Sunday lunch, the flavours get lost in a pool of gravy but here every bite was different, every element retained its distinctiveness.

Another common issue is when a roast is served buffet style, you pile your plate way too high and proceed to eat more than your fill.

But at Gusto, everything has been portioned out for you, vegetables and sides served almost like tapas, made for sharing.

Desserts were warm chocolate and hazelnut brownie and amaretto and orange cheesecake with a flat white and a macchiato to wash it down.

Both of these were tucked into with great enthusiasm and the caffeinated finale made for two very satisfied customers.

Gusto’s raison d’etre is ‘elegantly Italian’ and really there is no better way to describe the food. Newcastle has many options for Sunday lunch, but in all honesty, I cannot remember a roast that I enjoyed more. Elegantly Italian indeed.

Gusto Italian
0191 260 2291

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