Creative agencies: What we do and why your business needs us

March 7, 2021

With creative campaigns and brand design sitting at the heart of business success, Projector’s managing director Phil Lowery reveals how the award-winning branding and design agency is harnessing its breadth of skills to provide clients with unique support that brings fresh concepts to life.

Leading recruitment website, Indeed, define a creative agency’s role as, “develop[ing] and implement[ing] imaginative solutions to help businesses increase brand awareness, better showcase products or services and, ultimately, increase profits”. At Projector, as a creative agency ourselves, we know our role is so much more than just this. We’re specialist problem solvers that understand all too well the crucial impact creative solutions have on brands and business goals.

In a competitive market where the global pandemic has forced many companies to fight to get their product or service noticed, creative campaigns and brand design are the two components that will separate the businesses who succeed from those that fail. The problem in its implementation? Few companies, regardless of their size and sector, have the in-house know-how to give this vital area of business the attention and expertise it requires.

After all, to ensure longevity in any industry, professionalism needs to be considered at every stage of the business plan – and yes, this means your brand output too. So, what better way to ensure that this professionalism is maintained than by outsourcing your creative to the experts in the field?

What we do?

A small team of qualified creatives and designers with a collective 79 years of experience in the industry, at Projector, we concentrate on helping small businesses grow and big businesses stay that way. We do this by working with board members, business owners and marketing managers, to combine strategic thinking and creative ideas to build engaging brands and create altogether better communications.

What do we offer?

Fresh perspective

Working in-house, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when your days are spent consumed by what you understand to be your business goals and brand voice. A creative agency, therefore, is able to provide a fresh pair of eyes over your unique problem; be this a recruitment campaign, a new product launch, or something a little more niche.

As experts in problem-solving through creativity, we have the ability to push and challenge your perception of your brand – identifying and opening up new windows of opportunity that you might have missed through your simple lack of design knowledge.

Unique skill set

As trained professionals, agency designers and creatives come together to combine their individual skill sets and turn them into a valuable and unique client offering. Working across a multitude of platforms within a variety of different industries, creative agency workers have the experience and the talent to bring concepts to life in people’s minds.

Some of us prefer to deal with the initial brand identity creation, others with video campaigns, and others print – but we’re all brought together by our collective passion for taking something intangible and making it real in the minds of our audiences. How do we do this? It’s simple; through combining the individual skills we’ve nurtured and perfected over a number of years, and applying them to business problems to create engaging user experiences.

Better level of design

Ultimately (and at the risk of blowing our own trumpet), one of the key things we as a creative agency can offer businesses is an all-round better level of design. From the ideas we have and the solutions we come up with, through to the work we produce and the results we deliver – creative agencies have the means and expertise to deliver a higher level of service.

Our qualifications and varied experience are no match for in-house design teams, where creative ideas and imaginative brand concepts are often sidelined in favour of just ‘getting something out’.

This is something David Saxton, Head of Marketing at CMP Products, believes in; “there’s little doubt that the significance of branding and design creativity in CMP has been enhanced with Projector’s support. We work closely to ensure that this continues to evolve, successfully reflecting CMP as a dynamic, state-of-the-art, market-leading business”.

How does this benefit your business?

Staffed by experts, creative agencies are able to provide brands with the knowledge needed to tackle their problems – from the ability to create a memorable brand identity, to creating digital content that effectively translates a message and influences consumer decisions.

Most importantly, agencies help to drive results. We do this by working with organisations to develop and execute effective strategies that deliver awareness, make things stand out and increase uptake.

The job of working on your brand is never finished. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your proposition development, work on your visual identity creation, or consider campaign strategy, branding and design will always play a crucial role in the effectiveness of your delivery.

As an award-winning creative agency ourselves, at Projector, we understand the importance of building a relationship with an agency you trust and feel understands you. If you’d like some advice or are considering what a creative agency could do for you, feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation chat.
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