Daring to be different 

November 1, 2017

John Johnson, managing director of North East quantity surveying and project management consultancy Ashdan Consulting, highlights how specialist tailored services and an innovative approach to client relations has been a major factor in the company’s development

When I started Ashdan Consulting, after 30 years of working for others in the surveying industry, I wanted to ensure that what I had learned over that time was embedded in the consultancy’s culture: that our core surveying activities were supplemented by bespoke services and a diverse innovative approach.

Bespoke services 

From the outset, Ashdan has focused on combining all the usual commercial support to clients with additional services such as project programming, design management, bid writing and bid management. These other services are rarely offered by surveying consultants in the construction sector.

Our programming service, in particular, is very popular with clients in the early stage of projects. It links well with initial design proposals and our cost planning service, to helps with ‘time feasibility’ appraisals – something that is often missing at this key stage.

Client’s also see our considerable experience within the contracting side of construction as another great benefit. We know how contractors work and think and that can often be a great asset to a client when embarking on a construction process.

Supporting construction contractors and sub-contractors with work-winning activities is another key part of our business. We boast many years of experience in bid writing and bid management for major contractors, which several North East SMEs have already benefited from.

An innovative approach 

Dedicated personal engagement at a senior level is at the heart of Ashdan, with all of our clients looked after by an experienced and qualified chartered surveyor. We don’t chase turnover to feed excessive overheads, we don’t employ freelance staff, nor do we delegate key activities to junior or inexperienced staff. ‘A Chartered Surveyor – guaranteed’ is what we promise, and that is what we deliver.

Satisfied customers 

While retaining and developing repeat business relationships with well-established companies such as Watson Burton and Turner & Townsend, our approach has also enabled us to secure several new clients undertaking executive residential projects, as well as local contractors and corporate clients developing commercial projects throughout the North East.

Ashdan Consulting
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