Developing Consensus re-focuses on regional issues

March 5, 2019

A sector group established in 2012 has realigned its objectives to shine a light on the issues affecting the North East property sector

Developing Consensus, a leading private/public sector opinion group, which includes prominent private sector investors, developers, property agents and professionals in the North East of England, has started 2019 with a fundamental shift in position to emphasise its messages about the importance of the region’s property sector and the issues the region faces.

Founded in 2012 with just six members, Developing Consensus now has over 120 members representing a range of private sector professionals and public sector organisationsand authorities.

The group’s members have, between them, invested over £1 billion in the North East over the last ten years, but are seeing increasing challenges to investment and project delivery in the region, which needs to be urgentlyhighlighted and addressed.

Chair Adam Serfontein, who is also managing director of the property investment and development company Hanro, says the first six years created a solid foundation to move ahead at a critical time for the country.

“We are strong, multi-disciplined and a very knowledgeable opinion group and feel that, faced with Brexit on one hand and further devolution in the region as well as a range of other important issues, we continue to work tirelessly in partnership across the sector to make significant representation where necessary in the interests of the region,” says Adam.

“Our principal ambitions remain the same – ensuring the delivery and supply of new developments and buildings that will enable the growth of high-quality businesses in theregion; to support the region in attracting the inward investment from national and international markets necessary for regional development and growth; to foster positive collaboration between the public and private sectors on development and investment; and continue to be an
authoritative voice and expert consultant group, actively supporting regional policy-makers across relevant sectors.

“However, we will increase activity levels and raise our profile as we focus on delivery and growth. To achieve this, we have upgraded our website for re-launch in early 2019 and continue to be committed to publishing position papers which will be available on the web. These will focus, for example, on inward investment, the digital sector, planning, infrastructure and development to begin with.

“We have enjoyed very good relations with the public sector and feel that faced with uncertainty on a European dimension, it is timely for us to turn up the volume so to speak.”

Developing Consensus

The first position paper will be issued during March. It will focus on digital infrastructure saying that ‘digital infrastructure investment is of critical importance to property location decisions’.

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