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March 2, 2016

Today’s marketing environment is ‘full of noise’ and navigating through all of the options available is increasingly complicated. Where do businesses start? Digital, SEO, social media, design, brand, public relations, e-marketing, content marketing, web development… identifying the best tactics – and the right way to travel – can be a daunting task. Samantha Davidson, managing director of strategic marketing company Horizonworks, explains why strategy-led marketing has never been more important than it is today …

If your marketing efforts aren’t unified through a clear strategy, they can lead you down the garden path… and ultimately to a dead end. Fortunately, there is a much better way to manage your business to business marketing…the Horizonworks way.

We help businesses cut through the noise and guide them on the right marketing path, one which will lead to growth and success. We are a full service, business-to-business marketing company, and we’re unified in our approach.

Our work is strategy-led and our delivery is results-driven. We believe that running a business without a marketing strategy is like setting off on a long journey without any directions.

We develop carefully-tailored strategies for our clients which completely underpin their marketing activities, and we shape and integrate tactics to ensure the best return on investment. As an approach, it’s efficient, effective and drives businesses forward. And it produces real, measurable results.

Our business-to-business marketing specialists have a wide range of expertise that allows them to expertly direct businesses through the complex marketing landscape. We specialise in grasping complex technologies, products and services and translating them into compelling marketing messages that set our clients apart from their competitors.

The marketing strategies we develop can help lay the foundations for future growth. For example, we developed a strategy with electronic vehicle powertrain manufacturer, Hyperdrive Innovation, which resulted in a year on year sales growth of 300 per cent.

In addition, our membership of prominent industry networks and business partnerships such as NOF Energy, North East Process Industry Cluster, North East Automotive Alliance, NetPark and biomedical-focused organisation Bionow help us to build the profile of our clients, exposing them to like-minded businesses and their target audiences.

At Horizonworks, we understand that every business is different and our flexible offering reflects this: we can work as the equivalent of your fully outsourced marketing department or complement and supplement your existing marketing team. For instance, we recently supported the communications team at law firm Watson Burton in creating a graduate recruitment campaign to support the firm in driving forward its graduate recruitment strategy. The campaign focused on producing a range of creative work across multiple media platforms and was a great success. Last year, registrations with the firm at graduate recruitment fairs were 50 per cent higher than in 2014.

We also act as the complete outsourced marketing division for a number of tech-led SMEs including high security panel manufacturer Securiclad and pump distributor and manufacturer Tomlinson Hall, as well as organisations such as engineering and business trainer provider Seta. We’ve built marketing activities for these companies around focused strategies and we’ve developed clear messaging with real impact in their target markets.

Whether regional, national or global, we work with companies of all sizes to help them achieve their marketing goals. Our full-service approach means we can match the diverse needs of today’s B2B companies and we work with a wide range of organisations including technology and innovation-based companies, established businesses, memberships and networks, and start-ups and entrepreneurs.

We offer a bespoke approach focused on your business growth, tailoring a strategy that matches your objectives. Success should be your destination – we can help you get there.


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