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April 3, 2019

Katie Bulmer-Cooke shares her tips for incorporating technology into your health and fitness regimes

Technology is a wonderful thing and has improved so many aspects of our lives. New apps hit the App Store and Google Play every single day, all with the aim of entertaining us, tracking something or offering increased convenience. One sector that continues to utilise tech is fitness.

Whether it’s counting calories, burning calories, gamifying your workout or anything in between, the saying ‘there is an app for that’ has never been more true.

To help you wade through the thousands of health and fitness apps and wearable technology out there, here are my top choices.

My FitnessPal

This legendary app is great if you want to track the amount of energy you consume, aka how many calories you’ve ingested, then this app is top notch. Its barcode feature allows you to instantly upload and track what you’ve eaten each day.

Simple Interral Trimer

The SIT app, which stands for Simple Interval Timer, does exactly what it says on the tin. We are all now aware of the benefits of interval training and this app makes your interval sessions easy to track and time. You simply choose the work and rest periods and you’re off. The timer beeps to tell you when to start and stop each period of exercise and rest, so there is no need to keep checking your stopwatch.

Wearable fitness tech

Ten years ago, or even five, who would have thought so many of us would be walking around counting our steps, recording our heart rate and obsessing over how many times we’ve stood up each day? Personally, my favourite trackers are FitBit (my little girl wears one and loves it), Apple Watch (I’m a huge fan) and a MyZone belt.

I’ve had my MyZone belt for around four years and together with its app, it is incredibly motivating. It tracks regular markers like heart rate and calories burned but it has a really sociable element, allowing you to like and comment on your friends’ workouts and compete in challenges with each other; it’s fitness tech at its best!

Blending tech, physical activity and food really has revolutionised workout experiences, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Just imagine where we will be in five or ten years’ time!

Katie Bulmer-Cooke
07725 889 957
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