Enabling world-class business IT in the North East

April 4, 2016

South Tyneside-based HTG is about to join a small number of Citrix-approved specialists. With this exciting world-class recognition around the corner, the team are passionately committed to enabling and growing the businesses of their North East customers

Within the context of any industry – not least the IT sector in the North East – it’s often difficult for new consultancies not to become ‘also-rans’, as their marketplace is already cornered by bigger competitors, regardless of their quality.
Then again, there are exceptions to this rule. HTG (Howell Technology Group), a South Shields-based business IT consultancy, is as good an example of ‘small but mighty’ as you’re likely to find.
Take a closer look and you’ll discover an experienced, flexible and very adaptable outfit, with highly qualified and experienced IT consultants.
You’ll also find genuine market-leading qualities that help to position them above other, bigger rivals in the region. And as accredited specialists in VMWare, Microsoft Cloud, ThinPrint and with TOGAF certification in Enterprise Architecture, HTG stands out from the crowd.
World-class recognition now beckons for the family-run business that is aiming to put South Tyneside on the global IT map. There are currently less than 20 Citrix-accredited specialists in the world, and the ambitious HTG is about to become the latest.
While businesses that need traditional IT support will find HTG highly competent, its true value is found in its world-leading expertise and accreditation in virtualisation platforms Citrix and VMware.
Specialism in delivering cloud solutions means HTG can help forward-thinking customers in the No

rth East stay ahead of the curve in modern IT while operating their businesses at the speed of life.
Next year has been identified as the year of the ‘mobility tipping point’ – when working away from the office becomes more common. Figures released this year by Citrix also show that a 50 per cent split in 2015 will reach 70 per cent in favour of mobile working by 2020.
HTG can enable its customers and workforce to work from anywhere by providing any application, to any device, from any cloud, in a rapid, efficient and secure manner. This is an approach that delivers a consistent customer experience across all channels over even low-speed connections and drives obvious benefits in operational efficiency for customers, while fundamentally increasing business agility.
Managing director of HTG, Kevin Howell, explains: “By delivering any application to any device – securely – we reduce business security risk, ensuring compliance for the customer, while safeguarding business continuity through disruptions. Any one of our customers could rapidly deploy a Windows workspace to their staff, anywhere, allowing secure app and data delivery which, in turn, results in true business agility.”
Given the team’s wealth of experience and expertise, you’d be forgiven for expecting sights to be set globally; HTG’s desire to enable and grow North East-based businesses and organisations is therefore even more notable.
With ambitions to become a centre of excellence in the North East, while growing its team from its South Shields base, HTG has planted its flag in the region – an area it feels passionate about.
Kevin continues: “We have the highest level of experience and expertise to benefit customers from SME to enterprise level.
“We’re passionate about enabling IT for businesses and organisations in the North East, especially those who wish to grow alongside us. Our aims are to solve their issues, while creating value, maximising their growth and improving their business performance along the way.”

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