Engineering your perfect body

May 1, 2019

Angus Smith, a personal trainer at Sound, Mind and Body gym, based in Benton, Newcastle, reflects on why clear goals and ongoing monitoring will help you achieve your fitness goals quicker and more effectively

When it comes to health and fitness, engineering is not a word you tend to find associated with it. However, if we leave ourselves open to the forces of nature, we inevitably begin to decline and decay. To alter this path, we must step up, be accountable and make sure that we work hard to become the best version of ourselves.

As personal trainers, we photograph and calculate a client’s ideal weight, we formulate clear goals, lay out a precise plan for how to get there with standards and measurements, and work with them to apply the plan effectively. Like scientists, personal trainers focus on what, when, and how much a person can do – which you can calculate and test.

Without clear fitness goals, people can be left with a sense of vagueness, confusion and opacity regarding how to improve, and the result is that they don’t. They lose sight of the very thing they want from their fitness activity. They might take a fitness class and have a good time but they’re not getting stronger, faster or leaner. With passing time, they might just do the opposite and become stiffer, weaker, and slower – exactly what aging is.

If engineers aren’t mindful and focused on what they’re doing, the technology won’t work. Engineers design, invent, analyse and build. Once they’ve successfully achieved their specific goal, they then design new plans to improve on what they have already achieved.

The same principle applies to fitness and health. You should be starting out with clear goals and a sense of exactly who you want to become. Formulating a plan will help you work towards it mindfully and consistently. You’re not exercising to distract yourself or burn off irritation or calories, you’re mindfully engaging with the challenge. It is this focus and this galvanising process that makes us better.

However, part of any quest for self-improvement is making sure you embrace and enjoy the journey along the way, and remember that it’s a privilege to be physically active, rather than the reverse. Additionally, many people focus too much on factors that have less of an effect on results. They use their brains but they’re not using their bodies, so their exhaustion is purely mental, leaving them overwhelmed and overstimulated. Yet when they focus mindfully on the correct programme with the fitness professional most suited to them, not using it as a distraction but as a practice and discipline, they can find release and renewal.

Although ‘exercise as entertainment’ does bring some benefits, calming the mind while strengthening the body will bring greater, measurable results that are more easily achievable. Also, by measuring self-improvement, everyone knows immediately whether they’re progressing or not. They find themselves with the right attitude, achieving the desired outcome of the activity that they engaged with and pursued.

Engineering the path to your goals through choosing the most suitable fitness programme is crucial along with consistency in your quest for success!

Angus Smith
Personal trainer