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April 2, 2018

Health and fitness expert, Katie Bulmer-Cooke, reveals some of her favourite wearable technology when she’s working out

If you’d told me ten years ago that I’d be obsessively tracking every single bit of physical activity I do every day and that I’d be using it to compete against my fitness-loving friends, I would have said, ‘you must be crazy!’.

But here we are in 2018, where over three million fitness bands alone were sold in the UK last year – not to mention the number of fitness watches and chest straps.

Wearable technology has weaved its way into the fitness industry in a wonderfully seamless way, and with gamification quickly becoming the latest trend to hit the industry, it seems that tech usage in the fitness world shows no sign of slowing down.

With that in mind, in this edition of my column, I’m going to share my favourite pieces of wearable tech and why I love them so much.

First up it’s my MyZone belt. I’ve been wearing this chest-strap piece of kit for three years now and it’s addictive (in a positive way). The strap tracks your heart rate during your workout and links up with the app of the same name, which is essentially like Facebook for fitness lovers.

You can ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on your friends’ workouts, compete against each other in challenges and it is super simple to use. The

bottom line with MyZone is the higher you get your heart rate, and the longer you keep it there, the more MyZone effort points you get. It puts everyone on a level playing field as it’s based on percentage of your maximum heart rate, and is definitely worth checking out.

Next up it’s my trusty Apple Watch. I’m a huge Apple fan and snapped up a watch as soon as they came out a few years ago. I use mine to track my steps and it reminds me to get up off my bottom when I’m sat working at my laptop.

Recently, my iWatch became even more useful when I signed up to an Arc Health Rewards Vitality membership. The iWatch feeds my activity information into the app and, in return for moving my body more and hitting my daily step targets, I now earn myself a free Starbucks drink and cinema ticket every week, along with discounts on loads of cool things from flights to trainers. It’s a very good incentive to get moving and keep fit.

Advances in wearable tech within the fitness industry are coming thick and fast. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Katie Bulmer-Cooke
07725 889957

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