Flexible learning: Can it work for you?

July 19, 2019

The Durham-EBS Executive MBA programme offers students a flexible approach to international business education

Professionals looking to improve their career prospects through investing in a flexible learning route may be those who need flexible options due to family or work commitments, need to continue to work while studying, or live in a geographically remote area.

In addition to flexibility, there are many other important factors students are looking for. These include the ability to make meaningful connections with other students, the reassurance of a tried-and-tested qualification, and a qualification from an institution with a reputation for delivering high-quality programmes.

One such programme offering both flexibility and world-class reputation is the Durham-EBS Executive MBA. The programme is studied across two leading names in international business education: Durham University Business School in the UK and the European Business School in Germany. With teaching delivered in short blocks once a month, students can continue working while studying.

With a strong international focus – which is reflected in the core and elective modules – this dual award programme draws on both UK- specific and European experience, providing insight into leadership in today’s international business world. The business and alumni connections gained will also support students in furthering their career.

In addition to the benefits directly applicable to the student, there are also many benefits for employers when their employees study a flexible programme. Students will develop new skills and techniques, which can be applied directly to their roles, while at the same time, enabling employees to pursue their passions will ensure they’re more motivated and fulfilled. Networking opportunities will also enable businesses to broaden their professional networks, which could bring new insight and ideas.

Here, Mareike Helmts (pictured), from the Durham-EBS Executive MBA programme talks about the benefits of flexible learning.

Why did you choose to study the Durham-EBS Executive MBA?

I have always wanted to do an international degree with a focus on application rather than theory. I was interested in meeting people from all over the world and the opportunity to be back in Durham, as I had previously attended Durham University Business School for the MSc Finance programme.

I love the Business School and decided the combination of EBS and Durham was the choice for me.

Is your employer supporting your studies?

My employer offers me a massive amount of support. They are funding my studies and I don’t need to take time off to attend any modules. I am very lucky and I appreciate it.

How have you been able to apply your learning to your role?

As I work in consulting, I need multiple skills as every project is different.

So learning about every part of business helps me. Some topics, such as accounting, have been a struggle for me in the past, but I have gained knowledge and confidence in this area during the programme.

What has been the best part of your programme so far?

The induction week in Durham, as our cohort got to know each other very fast and we were connected. After a week I had 24 good new friends! It was exhausting but amazing.

San Francisco was also awesome. I still remember experiencing the innovation-driven culture there, where people are not afraid of failure.

Durham University Business School
To learn more about the Durham- EBS Executive MBA programme, including available scholarships, visit: www.durham.ac.uk/durham-ebs-mba.

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