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May 1, 2018

Health and fitness expert, Katie Bulmer-Cooke, provides her top foodie tips when you’re looking to beat the bulge

This edition of my column is themed around one of my favourite things…food!

Firstly, because I love eating it and secondly, because I get asked so many questions about what to eat in order to improve health and body fat reduction.

Many people starting out on a lifestyle change journey dive straight in at the deep end when it comes to food. They cut out food groups completely, and restrict themselves heavily. This tends to work for a few days before it all becomes too much and the cravings and hunger become too strong and result in a binge. For many this escalates into a never-ending cycle of ‘being good’ and ‘falling off the wagon’. So how do we break this cycle?

For me, the first step is to simply ‘clean up’ your diet. Nowadays we all know which foods are nutrient dense and which foods are on the ‘not so beneficial to the body’ list. Start off having more of the good stuff such as fresh meat, fish, fruit, veggies and eggs, for example, and reduce the amount of processed food such as chocolate and crisps and alcohol you consume. Don’t feel that you have to be a food extremist and wave goodbye to your favourite things; just focus on making better choices.

Next, it’s time to take a look at portion size and be mindful about how food makes you feel. As a general rule, using your own hand as a guide works well. Aim to have each meal made up of a palm-sized portion of both protein and carbohydrate, half a palm-sized portion of good quality fats, and top it up with a palm-sized portion of green veggies.

To put that into a real-life plate of food, your protein source could be turkey steak, carbohydrate could come from sweet potato and the good quality fat source might be avocado. Then you can top up with some green beans and spinach.

As you consume your meal, take your time with each fork full. Chew your food thoroughly and tune into how full you feel. You should aim to finish your meal feeling satisfied, but not stuffed.

Simply putting more thought into your food choices can have a very positive effect on your body fat and overall health, so give it a go and in the next edition of my column, I’ll take you through the next step.

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Katie Bulmer-Cooke
Instagram: @katiebulmercooke

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