Forging global partnerships 

May 1, 2018

Sascia Elliott, head of partnerships at NBS, talks about her first months in the job and the strategic role she has to build key partnerships for the company on a national and global level

NBS is an increasingly recognised brand across the globe, not only for its software products, but for the quality of its content. While there are many opportunities around the world, my work as head of partnerships for NBS is centered around building the right relationships with the right partners on a national and global level; those who complement our core values and share our ambition for transformational change across the construction industry.

We, at NBS, are innovators at heart. We think not about the working practices of our industry now, but how the construction profession will work in the next ten years.

In supporting our ambitious growth plans, NBS has recruited an entire team to focus on developing the business in the UK and internationally. UK organisations are looking for a single provider to support their work in international markets, so it’s a natural progression for us to develop our teams and services to support both our UK and international customers. We now have businesses in both Australia and Canada as part of our strategy.

My background was in law and I have held commercial roles in both the private and public sectors. I have experienced the game-changing impact of disruptive technologies that can elevate a business and its revenue to the next level.

My current role demands the ability to strategically analyse and advise, so I often switch between my commercial and legal skills. What attracted me to the role was the future for NBS, its innovative capabilities and the role I could play in contributing to its growth.

NBS wants to identify and work with partner organisations, nationally and globally, which share a common goal to deliver world class technology that has the agility to meet evolving customer needs.

Often, when an organisation is breaking into a new territory, it can be more effective to work with a known partner in that region or country that has the knowledge of the customers you want to reach and can share valuable insight.

Of course, every new territory offers its own set of challenges as well as opportunities; working out how the commercial market works and the legal differences are crucial. Good contractual arrangements are the foundation of successful working relationships.

The UK Government mandated BIM (Building Information Modelling) back in April 2016 and many countries around the world, that do not have a recognised standard in place, are looking to the UK – and to NBS – to see how they can reap the benefits of adopting new ways of digital working.

It’s thanks to the progressive mindset and skills mix of experienced  colleagues – of which there are over 200 based here in Newcastle – that we have been able to make the most of our opportunities and expand our offerings into Canada and Australia.

At NBS, we strive to meet market needs rather than dictating what the market should have. It’s about testing what we’re doing, gathering that feedback and making sure the products evolve in a useful way for our global customers. Collaborative working is there to improve client outcomes, productivity and, ultimately, the profitability of all those involved.

I hope to forge long lasting and trusted partnerships that bring out the best of what the UK has to offer our industry on a global level.


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