Fully funded WHP JETS scheme rolls out in North East

December 1, 2020

Supporting local people into local jobs – Reed in Partnership’s new service provides job-ready, skilled candidates across the North East.


The Work and Health Programme: Job Entry Targeted Support (WHP JETS) scheme is designed to support those who have found themselves out of work due to COVID-19.

These highly-skilled individuals are equipped with the latest relevant industry-backed training, at no cost to the recruiting organisation.

Providing job-ready candidates across a variety of industries, the WHP JETS scheme is fully funded by the Government and represents a huge cost saving for companies, which could otherwise spend on average £4500 on a recruitment agency but can access the same service and support from WHP JETS for free.

Nicola Whelan, head of delivery support at Reed in Partnership, says: “WHP JETS participants, of which we have welcomed 2350 referrals and 1000 starts in the first two weeks alone, work with our expert employment advisers to develop a personal plan of action aligned to the recruiting company’s needs.”

“Absolutely imperative to the success of the scheme is engagement and buy-in from businesses.

“We’re ready to support recruitment plans with the provision of skilled, highly-trained staff to underpin business needs and growth objectives.”

For more information,
visit: www.readyforeverything.co.uk
email: hello@readyforeverything.co.uk
or call: 0800 025 3058.

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