November 1, 2018

Thirty-five years ago, the CA Group began trading from a small workshop in Evenwood, Country Durham. Since then, the company has grown to occupy an 11-acre site, gain a 200-strong workforce and develop an impressive manufacturing division to complement its construction services. CA Group is currently recognised for its unique capabilities in technical design and development and its market-leading roofing and cladding products. Stuart Brown, development director, discusses the company’s approach to change and its transformative plans

The construction industry is not one that stands out for being innovative compared to other sectors. However, for CA Group, being innovative has facilitated our growth and prepares us for future expansion.

We’re a unique company in many senses; an Employee Benefit Trust [similar to the JohnLewis Partnership], a construction contractor and a construction manufacturer, and we have a complex infrastructure, developed around workflows and in-house expertise. It’s a rare combination and one that enables us to take on some unique and challenging projects.

As a vertically integrated company, we draw on our unique resources and production capabilities to produce high-quality products thatare reliable, cost-effective and efficient. We’re fortunate to supply to some of the industry’s leading names and to have developed strong client affiliations — helping us to maintain a robust order book and significant repeatbusiness.

Although our success has not been without challenges; we’ve withstood some exceptional times as the UK construction economy has fluctuated. Moreover, as Brexit draws closer, there are new and unknown industry pressures ahead. However, we’ve experience on our side, and although we err on the side of caution, one of our greatest strengths lies in our ability to take bold and carefully calculated steps to evolve to changing landscapes.

We’ve learnt to be entirely focused on continually improving what we do and to be proactive in our approach. The establishment of several market-leading products such as our Twin-Therm® cladding, Twin-Therm® FireWall and Prime Rainscreen ranges are notable examples, each providing technically-advanced solutions and unrivalled guarantees. We’ve made significant investments in plant and machinery, including state-of-the-art shop floor robotics —more commonplace on a car production line.

We’re one of the first roofing and cladding companies to have gained Secured By Design status and to have implemented a dedicated BIM team. We have also re-aligned our internal expertise to provide specialist input to aid engineers, architects, quantity surveyors and project managers.

CA Group has become less market-responsive and increasingly market-leading, working with clients at an early stage to identify emerging industry requirements, enabling us to make technically-advanced products. We excel in responding to precise and critical project requirements and have become the company clients turn to to achieve the impossible.

However, it’s CA Group’s ability to be innovative that has facilitiated our growth and prepares us for future expansion. We’re in a fortunate position, and we’re poised to take the next step, which will include the development of a multi-million-pound new-build manufacturing complex to increase onsite capacity and bring teams together. It’s a big step for the company, which will allow us to better our services, broaden our portfolio, and importantly, explore new and attractive opportunities.

CA Group

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