Gale and Phillipson tee off with new growth plans

November 28, 2015

Financial planning and management company Gale and Phillipson is going from strength to strength

Having completed a merger in February 2015, Gale and Phillipson (the company which formed between Easy Gale & Philllipson and Jonathan Fry PLC) is already underway with exciting expansion plans by widening their distribution channels in England.

The ambitious firm aims to accrue at least £1.5 billion funds under management within five years through acquisition and organic growth.

With offices already in London, Northallerton, Newcastle and Richmond, an appointed representative firm in Newton Aycliffe and one in Surrey, the firm is on track for further expansion with the recent announcement of an exciting acquisition of Dunelm Insurance Brokers.

The group provides independent advice and a range of wealth management services. These include financial planning advice, discretionary investment management, advisory investment management, mortgage advice, corporate financial advice and the industry-leading Dynamic Cash Management service.

David Carr, the chief executive officer, says: “We have a long history of helping our clients create and protect their wealth, and we’re committed to finding innovative solutions to their financial planning needs.

“The Gale and Phillipson story dates back to 1905, but our most exciting days are ahead of us. We’re keen to pursue growth opportunities and continue to develop financial services which are designed to meet both simple and complex client needs and react to situations as they develop whilst creating and protecting client wealth.”


The dash for pensions freedoms


With an increasing proportion of individuals wanting to have detailed conversations with qualified financial advisers about their pension freedom options, the firm is continuing to work with new clients to help them to better understand their options and tax implications and help them to make the right decisions without rushing in.

Simon Davis, wealth planning adviser in Newcastle, says: “The new pension freedoms are great news for savers, with more flexibility and options for retirement now available. However, the freedoms also come with a level of risk. There are four things I’d initially recommend a client add to their checklist and consider carefully alongside any decision they make about how they’ll receive their pension income:


  1. Make sure you factor in, but don’t overestimate, your state pension;
  2. Don’t underestimate your lifespan;
  3. Consider tax carefully;
  4. Work out what you want to do with your money, rather than just trying to get the highest amount.”

Simon continues: “There is no better aid to a happy retirement than clearly planning how you want to spend your money: the things you want to buy, the experiences you want to have, the family you want to help.

“Once you have planned what you want to do with your retirement, money decisions become much easier. Think about whether accessing your pension through the new pension freedom arrangements will actually help you get to where you want to go in your retirement. This is arguably the most important question for retirees to attempt to answer.”


Gale and Phillipson

Photo: Simon Davis

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