Getting noticed in a competitive market

November 1, 2018

Property PR specialist Four Walls explains how effective public relations can help build brands and business

Ask anyone working in the built environment and they will tell you that the property services sector has become an increasingly competitive and evolving market.

Over the past decade, a host of mergers and acquisitions have squeezed the middle of the market to leave clients with a choice between large multinationals or smaller independents.

While the major companies utilise theirsignificant marketing budgets to dominatethe national industry press with polished campaigns, smaller independent businessesare left to think of more cost-effectivestrategies.

But with each major UK city having its own individual market and regional identity, many opportunities still exist for smaller independentfirms to stand out from the crowd through the power of PR.

You may not be able to match the size and scale of nationwide marketing campaigns;however, an effective PR strategy can oftenhave far greater impact, building your brandand profile but also creating loyalty, credibilityand trust with your client base.

To help stand out from the crowd and get ahead of the competition, here are Four Walls’top tips for using PR effectively:

Highlight your successes

Make a commitment to undertake regular and targeted PR activity to talk directly to your audience. Press releases and case studies can demonstrate the real value of your serviceoffering as well as highlighting the USPs ofyour business and bringing to life what it is thatmakes you different.

Use client testimonials to help add authenticity and build credibility.

Exploit your independence

As an independent firm, you are in a strongposition to make your voice heard without the need to conform to a wider corporate policy. Become known as the market experts who are dynamic, individual and not following the herd. Be willing to comment on market news and trends, use social media and pressopportunities to build your profile.

Build your brand

Your brand is an opportunity to be creativeand different while demonstrating your corevalues. The use of strong visual materials combined with carefully-crafted messaging can have a major impact on the perception of your business. Be bold and willing to make an investment in good quality, creative design, branding and photography.

Demonstrate your expertise

Create good-quality content and share it far and wide. Through thought leadership and opinion pieces you can inform and educate your audience. Regular blogging can demonstrate your specialist expertise and help open the door to further discussion with prospective clients. This will in turn help build your online visibility.

Illustrate your purpose

Being a purposeful company that aims to have a positive impact on society is increasingly important. From working with local communities and mentoring students to sponsoring local charities and being a good employer, there are many opportunities to illustrate your purpose. This not only helps build your brand, it also helps attract and retain future talent.

Four Walls PR
Four Walls PR works with a range ofregional independent firms in the built environment sector, raising profiles and building reputations.
Photo: Simon Taylor and Rebecca Taylor, directors of Four Walls PR.

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