Going places

March 5, 2019

Fitness expert Katie Bulmer Cooke shares her top tips for sticking to your health goals when travelling with work

In keeping with this edition’s international theme, I thought it fitting to discuss one of the stumbling blocks that many people encounter when trying to adhere to their good fitness and nutrition habits: travelling with work. I’ve had many clients over the years fall foul of a break in routine due to travel, having previously been doing so well at clocking up the exercise sessions and making well-balanced food choices.

Many people struggle to maintain their good habits when taken out of their regular routine – staying in a hotel with few or no fitness facilities and no access to a kitchen to rustle up something healthy. So here are my top tips to travelling and still making good progress.

Use your hotel room as your gym

You can use the end of the bed or a chair to perform exercises such as elevated split squats, dips and incline press ups. You can also throw a resistance band in your travel bag as it is a very versatile piece of kit that is extremely lightweight.

Choose wisely in restaurants

When it comes to eating out while you’re away, don’t get stressed about not being in full control due to not being able to cook for yourself. Instead, look through the menu and make the best choice you can. In addition, you can ask the restaurant to swap and change some of the dishes they have set on their menu. For example, ask to switch the chips for a portion of vegetables. As we say in the North East, ‘shy bairns get nowt’, so don’t hang back when it comes to asking the chef to rustle up something a little different if it’s going to help you stay on track.

Be organised

It’s inevitable that, when travelling with work, some things will be out of your control, such
as the buffet at the meeting or the lack of gym facilities at the hotel, so just do the best you can with what you’ve got. Plan ahead by checking out the hotel restaurant menu in advance and choose your options. Schedule your workouts both in the run-up to your trip and afterwards, and look in advance to see if the hotel has a gym. If not, then favourite some YouTube workouts that you can do in your room or work with a trainer who can prepare you a workout you can take with you.

Travelling doesn’t mean you have to let your good habits go, and you really can stay fit and active wherever your travels take you.

Katie Bulmer-Cooke
07725 889 957
Instagram: @katiebulmercooke