Gold standard support 

November 1, 2017

Chris Haley, managing director of The Aurea (Latin for gold) Partnership, is a former corporate financial adviser who now specialises in providing clients with support on a more personal level, helping them keep more of what they make

Tell us how and why you established The Aurea Partnership? 

The concept evolved over many years. It was born from my experience as a business owner and recognising just how little support there is for hard-pressed business owners. Ensuring our businesses are fully compliant with Companies House and HMRC rules is, of course, very important but it is not the main reason we get up each and every morning. As a former financial adviser, I was constrained to promoting products endorsed by the regulator, profitable to the financial services industry, but of little real benefit to my client. Pensions, savings and other products may have their place but only when the key issues have been addressed and dealt with.

How do you help business owners? 

My opening question to owners of companies and partnerships is always: ‘Would you like to keep more of what you make?’ It’s a reminder of why we got into business in the first place. Making money means we can build lifestyles of choice rather than of circumstance; be truly rewarded for the effort, sacrifice and risk we take in setting up, in employing people – in making that contribution.

What is the biggest challenge for people looking to conserve profits and how does The Aurea Partnership help overcome this? 

In recent years, the rhetoric employed by certain media has created the sense that should anyone dare to try to make things better and keep more, they will be publically named and shamed! Then face all the aggression the tax authorities can muster. This is not the case. There is ample provision, within the rules, for the business owner to make use of statutory reliefs – available to us all – to make a real difference. In addition, there is a plentiful supply of grant funding available.

What advice would you give to potential customers looking to secure advice on profitability? 

The proposition is based on the answer to that simple question “Would you like to keep more?” If the answer is ‘yes’ then my advice to the business owner is to take a little time out to find out what’s available. I understand there may be scepticism initially – that is normal and in these trying times perfectly understandable. The opportunities to make a difference to our rewards are significant and most importantly, tried and tested. Often only a few minor changes are required, but once implemented the business owner can then look forward to building a life or a lifestyle of their choosing. That will deal with the work/life balance that so many talk about.

You’ve had a very successful 2017, what goals you would like to achieve next year? 

My goal for 2018, is to help as many business owners, large and small, as possible. Many of us have continuing concerns over issues such as taxation, red tape, and employment law. Everyone is busy but how many of us can find and afford the time to actually enjoy life and enjoy it to the full? We have only a relatively short time on this amazing planet of ours, so lets make the most of it.

The Aurea Partnership