Heart and soul

December 7, 2018

The art of filmmaking is an often-fraught and subjective creative process, and riding that process requires more than cameras and computers. It needs heart and soul, says Matt McGough, managing director of Ithica Films

As Ithica Films heads towards its 5th anniversary – over which time the team have delivered more than 800 films – the craft is being refined on two very human elements: heart and soul.

“It was like this from the very beginning of the company,” explains Matt McGough, founder and managing director. “Very interesting things happen when people can tangibly feel the heart and the soul that’s gone into and is reflected back in a film – it’s alive and takes on a life of its own.”

Working alongside a raft of extremely diverse clients has its challenges: “The team has to be able to be prepared for and adapt to a constant flux with the type of projects we’re creating. We’re asked to play a very important role when a company brings us in to create a film for them and the level of understanding within the team is constantly being tested. It goes both ways though, as our best work often comes through when we collaborate with our client and bring them into our process – this is where the real magic happens,” says Matt.

Being able to create impactful, cinematic films for business from its Tees Valley base is the culmination of a lot of different factors coming together.

Matt reflects: “There was always a question of whether a successful filmmaking business could be run out of Teesside when we set up, but we’re very  much of our region – in terms of the Tees Valley and the wider North East.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have had opportunities to work internationally, both in terms of us delivering projects from our HQ at Boho One or physically travelling into Europe to shoot. Having a strong leadership team, along with a real creative filmmaking team, has meant that quality has been at the forefront of our process, we’ve been able to move through the gears very quickly as a business.”

Coming back to heart and soul, this concept has been encapsulated as the title and theme for the 2019 Ithica Films showreel.

“The showreel is a vital cog for a film company, and it’s one that’s usually overlooked,” says Matt. “As it’s something that is essentially looking back at the company’s track record while setting the tone for the future. It’s never been about how well we could shoot or cut, but about how we made people feel. Heart and soul are two fundamental pieces of filmmaking, and for us it’s something that’s becoming more apparent in the films we’re being asked to create.”

The future is looking very positive with internal and external collaboration & innovation at the centre of the process and a creative team with total dedication to the craft. With these in place, and a lot of a heart and a lot of soul, come the greatest results.

Ithica Films

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