How Scaleup Partners are driving growth for the North East

January 5, 2021

The Scaleup North East programme was created to provide ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the region with the opportunity to work alongside highly-experienced peers in the form of Scaleup Partners, who have all generated rapid growth within their own businesses and boast individual skillsets.

Throughout the last three years, Scaleup North East has had the privilege of working with some of the most creative and innovative entrepreneurs in the region.

The work will continue within the North East business community as a new Scaleup programme launches in 2021.

Our Scaleup partners are:

Angelina Bell (pictured) sets targets together with her clients and reviews performance to enable financial control that eases cash flow and increases profitability, giving her clients the confidence and focus to get things done.

Increasing productivity around personal KPIs, leadership and job matrices is the key.

Craig Huntingdon has been directly and indirectly involved with many great achievements.

He supported one business to win a huge contract worth 20 times its turnover and has prepared clients for an appearance on BBC’s Dragons’ Den and then worked with them to navigate their business after the show. After making introductions to a large international

distributor, he has assisted a client in winning a contract worth £500,000, while also supporting several manufacturers and brands to engage and win listings with major UK supermarkets.

Tony Brooks scaled and sold his own manufacturing business in 2015 but recognised he had a great deal more to do in life and is now dedicated to giving back to the North East economy.

A company that received structural advice from Tony went on to increase in size and turnover in three years. During the pandemic, Tony supported one company

in making a sharp shift, pivoting them into a situation where they are now making record sales on QVC and they remain with Tony for expansion and strategic growth support.

Jon Symonds deeply admires and relishes supporting those in the region that really graft to make that all important difference.

Jon worked with a client to facilitate and structure a buyout of their partner, and assist with access into new territories in the UK by financially modelling a strategic and commercial model to replicate one that is working in the North and will bring in an additional £500,000 a year, increase margins and headcount.

Jon supported a client in expanding their waste management business by creating a strategy to enter other sectors and thereby increase their turnover, profit and headcount, while spreading the risk of volatile rates in the markets they operate in.

This resulted in a 25 per cent increase in revenue year-on-year.

As a team, our Scaleup Partners make up four highly- experienced, professional and dedicated entrepreneurs who share a drive, ambition and hunger to succeed. Together they aim to inspire, motivate and propel the business community of the North East to realise its full potential and achieve growth and scaling ambitions.

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