Investing in the future while building on the past

October 2, 2020

Law firm Sintons is looking to the future with confidence, with its recent rebrand creating a bold new identity and its digital presence continuing to break new ground. Managing partner Christopher Welch and David Pritchard, head of marketing, discuss how both factors play a key role in Sintons’ future

In a competitive legal marketplace, Sintons is staying true to its roots, while investing in looking to the future, to ensure it continues to stand out from the crowd.

The firm, founded in 1896, has recently rebranded, in a move inspired by acknowledging its long and proud heritage, while creating an identity which remains timeless yet also fresh and new.

In a bold statement, Sintons removed any mention of the fact it is a law firm from its brand.

“This was a very conscious decision and one we believe shows our confidence in our brand and the quality of service we deliver. We see our position in the business community as such that we don’t need a pre- or suffix to say what we do,” says Christopher Welch, Sintons’ managing partner.

“We are building on our long history of excellence and taking it forward, while ensuring our clients continue to be at the front, back and centre of everything we do, which is what the Sintons brand and business is built on.”

Head of marketing David Pritchard, who led the rebrand project, agrees.

“There aren’t many firms with the depth and breadth of experience we have, who have the capability to do what we do, and our brand reflects the no-nonsense approach and the quality you can expect from Sintons,” he says.

“This new identity shows we are a progressive law firm; we don’t stand still and challenge the status quo. We do stand out from the crowd, and rightly so – a lot of work goes into ensuring we are constantly innovating and leading the way.”

The firm’s digital presence is one area in which Sintons – winner of five awards at the Northern Law Awards 2019, including Law Firm of the Year – is regularly hailed as a market leader.

Its website is among the fastest-growing legal sites in the UK, with a 64 per cent increase in traffic during the second quarter of 2020 – a period covering the development of Sintons’ online COVID-19 portal.

“We have become known as a resource and a forum where people can visit to find out exactly what they need to know,” says award-winning David.

“During lockdown, we saw a huge increase in traffic, which was for that very reason. We were writing relevant and tailored content which helped to give clarity at a time when that was hard to find elsewhere.”

Christopher continues: “We have invested in our digital presence for several years, and that has resulted in us being increasingly strong in this area. We can deliver real-time information to clients quickly, tailored to what is relevant to them and their business.

“We have acted nationally in several areas of the business for many years, but through our increasing use of digital, this has removed any geographical boundaries completely. Digital will be increasingly important and our existing online presence, coupled with the strength of our reputation and our rebrand, puts Sintons in a very good position for the future.”


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