Investment is key to business growth

July 13, 2016

Miles Crossley, investment director at land, property and business consultancy George F. White, explains why investment is key not only to business survival but business longevity, too

One of the most important long-term decisions for any business relates to investment.

Investment can mean the difference between success and failure, or between the business reaching its full potential and only getting partly close to it. If you look in the right places and make the right decisions, it can ensure the profitability and ultimate success of your business.

What plays a huge role in a business choosing how it invests, and when, is confidence. The recent Brexit vote is a great example of this. The value of the pound has massively decreased and the FTSE 100 lost £100 billion in just four days, post vote. Yet, in reality, nothing has changed but confidence in the markets that businesses operate within.

Businesses are not taking opportunities that they would have previously if we had voted to remain. What we need to have in business is a bit more robustness – businesses should focus on what they can control, rather than what they can’t, and make logical investments based on this premise.

My role as investment director at George F. White primarily involves identifying and exploiting opportunities for the business, mostly on land-based assets. Although this sounds very commercial, intense and skilful, it is all about timing, people and execution.

Since starting at George F. White 12 months ago, my role has grown from identifying predominantly energy and property-based projects where organisations have capital to invest, to becoming a trusted advisor for the business community. I have identified a niche in the surveying market place, which hinges on a proactive business planning approach of ensuring we optimise future revenue streams and cash injections, with the objective of creating a sustainable business for years to come.

My role is extremely varied. For example, it can be as small as advising on planning strategy or as big as being involved with the commercial aspects surrounding business, including the decision making process for key investment projects associated with restructuring and tax and succession planning.

This has a softer side whereby the amount of time spent with clients means that business also becomes pleasure. I believe this is important in all aspects of business and I am a huge advocate for ensuring business can be enjoyable, especially when successful results are achieved. Success should always be celebrated and the role of a trusted advisor or mentor is a fundamental part of George F. White’s culture, which I hope to grow within the business.

My journey over the last year has been fast and fruitful and thanks to the team, George F. White has significantly increased the number of clients it works with. In the next 12 months, we’re looking to double our current client base through referrals and identification of new projects via new prospective client land interests.

Timing and our culture-driven ethos that focuses on our people and puts us all at the centre of the approach is the key to our growth and I have no doubt this approach will lead to continued success.


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