It’s all about people

November 1, 2018

GT3 Architects has delivered award-winning design projects across the UK and prides itself on putting the needs of its clients and end users at the centre of every concept from the very outset. Here, Nicola Irving, head of marketing, discusses the company’s People Architecture ethos and why it will always be a constant in their fast-growing business

Whether a sports centre, workplace, home, cinema, school or shopping destination, these spaces are all designed to be functional, practical, and sustainable – creating value long into the future and to stand the test of time.

However, while they may be beautiful or clever, what lies at the heart of their creation is the fact they are used by people.

People make these spaces, places and buildings what they are, providing activity, animation and vibrancy and ensuring they become not just functional and practical, but that they also play a central role in strengthening communities and making a positive difference.

Often, architectural decisions are made on the basis of aesthetic considerations and short-term constraints, with little meaningful community engagement or due regard given to the psychological or social impact it will have on people’s lives. But at GT3 Architects, we
are working to redefine this, so we can always ensure our projects are mindful of the roles they will play in the lives of people and how they support our mental and physical well-being.

At GT3 Architects, we have pioneered an evidence-based approach, which puts people at the centre of the design process. We think differently hence we work, act and communicate differently.

  • We position people (not buildings) at the heart of our projects
  • We demystify our design process to make the process more inclusive – and allow all stakeholders to actively participate in the process of design
  • We take our clients with us on a journey – made through a series of incremental steps that build into a collective whole as part of a holistic process
  • We demonstrate the positive impact of our work by carrying our pre-and post-occupancy evaluations to highlight how the project has delivered the vision and objectives of all stakeholders

Whatever the end-use, its role as a place used by people is what inspires our work at GT3 Architects. That is why every single project we work on has people at its heart – from the very outset, we have its ultimate use at the front of our mind as well as the impact it will have on our clients, their employees and the wider community it will serve.

From the initial point of contact with our clients, their business and their collective and individual ambitions and motivations are critical to us, so we can really get under the skin of what they want to achieve from the architectural project we will work alongside them to create.

As part of our people-centric approach, we have developed a unique briefing service with a pro-active, personal approach to engagement and with a focus on listening, learning, leading and sharing. This service is called Performance + and enables clients to better understand the relationship between people and the design of space and place. This may not mean the creation of a brand-new building or place, but rather the re-imaging and re-design of existing space. We help to shape a high-performance brief, considering human aspects and ultimately helping clients to understand what is right for them, their staff and their business.

People Architecture is our passion and will always underpin everything we do.

GT3 Architects

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