It’s time to get real about virtual experiences

November 5, 2019

By Paul Davidson, digital operations director of Newcastle-based creative and digital marketing agency Drummond Central

Maybe you’re a construction company selling luxury penthouse apartments to investors. Maybe you’re an investment firm attracting commerce to your shiny new business park. Or maybe you’re a university wooing overseas students by showing off your full range of facilities. Whatever it is, portraying just how good your offering is when your customers aren’t in front of you can be tricky.

Take university as an example. Choosing which one to attend is one of the most important decisions people ever make. But the higher education landscape is more diverse than ever with a myriad of courses and routes available. Individuals across every single market are in a different state of mind, speak different languages, and can live thousands of miles away, unable to attend open days or chat to existing students and lecturers.

With such a diverse mix of potential students, not to mention hundreds of competitors, how do you stand out? How do you engage when they all have a different context, a different goal and different needs?

The answer doesn’t just present itself in advertising, posters, prospectuses or other traditional formats. There are new ways to engage people and immerse them in your world – in particular, there’s more opportunity than ever to do this through intelligent online platforms.

At Drummond Central, we’ve been working with ambitious clients to build unique, digital platforms that create in-the-moment experiences. Although the experiences may differ from one industry to another (whether that’s tourism, property or education), they all aim to do the same thing – affect people at the right moment, in the most impactful way.

These platforms use the latest Web-GL technologies – canvas and HTML5 – to build a truly immersive experience beyond ‘just a website’. Experiences that can be personalised through use and encourage re-engagement.

We’ve developed a system that learns a user’s interactions based on persona-driven content. What does that mean? It means we can engage on a truly personal and unique level, in a way that is completely different from a prospectus, brochures or emails.

We’re finding that more and more businesses have the ambition to create this kind of experience, to engage with customers in a totally new way, and to reach people they may not have been able to reach before.

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