What I’ve Learnt: Paul McEldon

June 2, 2016

Former KMPG chartered accountant Paul McEldon began his career with the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) over 20 years ago. He has since built the 14-acre site in Sunderland into a thriving and supported business hub for 140 businesses

Work hard and care for people; my father taught me that.

Running a successful business is about working effectively with people. You need to be able to network, listen and learn from others, keep promises and develop long-term working relationships.

Planning is important but sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and go with it, as so much can be learnt by just doing.

Always remember the reasons you started in business. Even when times are tough, being your own boss allows you the opportunity to drive your destiny, create a unique proposition, deliver exemplary services… and enjoy yourself along the way.

Don’t forget the people who helped you get where you are. You can’t succeed in business without the support of your family, colleagues and friends.

When starting a business, do something that you have a passion for and that excites you.

Seek as much advice and support as you can – there are great people and organisations out there willing to help. The BIC has recently developed a programme of Business Solutions in conjunction with industry experts; these solutions are ideal for established businesses focused on future growth and success.

Empower staff to realise their talents and trust them to do a great job.

A business is only ever the sum of its team members. Invest in and support each and every one of them.



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