JMF Group boosts its green credentials

January 3, 2020

JMF Group, based in Swalwell, Gateshead, is one step closer to becoming a zero-emissions company thanks to the introduction of a series of new energy-saving initiatives

The full-service agency JMF Group has installed new equipment within its four factories to help reduce its fuel bills thanks to a grant from The Business Energy Saving Team.

JMF – which has ambitions to become zero-emissions – was the first company in the North East to benefit from the grant and was awarded £7765 to purchase an air-to-heat pump, which is a low carbon air source that provides four times as much energy compared to a standard electrical heater. The new equipment is expected to produce an annual greenhouse gas saving of 7.2TCO2e.

Two out of four manufacturing units in Swalwell can now be described as having zero emissions and the company’s new office in central London has also been installed with the latest energy-saving measures to make it green. This is in addition to the investment of a further £1 million into the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment to make it more effective and efficient.

As part of its processes, the organisation recycles all off-cut paper and old signage – which are removed and replaced, and brought back to the factory and recycled. All excess inks, oils and off-cuts such as metals and aluminium are also sent for recycling.

Respecting the environment is one of the JMF Group’s core values and this is embraced by the company’s 30-strong workforce who are encouraged to work as efficiently as possible. All non-office based employees, including the experienced installation team, are also provided with mobile devices such as phones and iPads to encourage remote working. The company has also fitted electric car charging ports in two of its factories for the upcoming delivery of their first fleet of all-electric cars in 2020.

Meanwhile, JMF has designed a bespoke customer workflow software package which enables clients to track the status of their orders at any given time throughout the production process from the initial order to production, delivery, installation and billing.

Jack Foggin, managing director of JMF Group, says: “Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint to help us become a zero-emissions organisation. Due to the nature of our business, particularly the printing and signage side of the operation, we are always trialling new innovative ways to become leaner and greener, which also enables us to cut energy costs and save money.

“Like many businesses, we are faced with rising energy bills and we welcome green initiatives that will help us to improve our energy footprint. We are very grateful to The Business Energy Saving Team for their grant to assist us in the purchasing and installation of new equipment.

“As part of our application for the grant, a representative from Narec DE visited our premises to carry out an energy audit and recommended energy-saving initiatives that may provide us with potential savings on our energy costs. This was very useful as we identified cost savings we were not aware of.”

Last year, JMF Group celebrated its 30th year in business and works with a range of national high street and blue-chip companies.

JMF Group
Photo, left to right: Olivia Foggin (JMF Group), Jack Foggin (JMF Group) and Alex Savidis (Narec DE).

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