Leadership profile: David McNee

June 8, 2017

David McNee
Centre manager
The Galleries Shopping Centre

What are the key skills/qualities you need to run a successful business? Do you think these can be learnt?

Passion, determination and a competitive spirit combined with a desire to both develop people and create something meaningful are crucial. A successful leader is one who can nurture these skills – so, undoubtedly, they can be learnt.

How would you describe your own management style? Why do you think it’s successful?

I aim to be open, direct and thoughtful. A successful management style is one that creates a fantastic place where people aspire to work; this is the main aim of the attributes I try to bring to my role.

What’s the worst mistake you can make when leading a business?

Losing focus can be critical when leading a business; I believe a good leader always needs to a have a clear idea of the direction their organisation is heading and to broadcast this to colleagues.

How do you get the best out of your team?

We promote an excellent training programme with a clear purpose. It is also important to ensure that the skills they develop from this are allowed to flourish. To do this, we create the opportunity, space and autonomy to succeed.

Which business leader(s) have you been influenced by and why?

I find inspiration in Ray Kelvin, the founder and CEO of British clothing brand Ted Baker. His blend of eccentricity and a people-centric management style, together with exceptional attention to detail, have been influential in my career to date.


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