Leading the field: Lee Sanders

September 15, 2017

Lee Sanders
General manager, Durham Women FC. Est. 2013


I got involved with the club ten years ago when it was Cestria Girls. We changed to Durham Women FC after partnering with Durham University and applying to be in The FA Women’s Super League.

Club’s essence

To develop elite female athletes both in sport and academically and to compete at the highest possible level within the sport.


The club is self- financed and is the only club of 20 in the super league that’s not attached to a men’s club. The infrastructure is supported by Durham University and our sponsors: Vision for Education, Durham Sixth Form Centre and JW Wood Estate Agents. In addition, we get a central fund from The FA that’s divided equally between clubs within the league.

Biggest obstacle

Competing with Premiership clubs on 10 per cent of their budget.

Future plans

The university is currently developing a new facility which will give the club its own ground.

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