Leading the field: Pam Duxbury

September 15, 2017

Pam Duxbury
Chairwoman, Hartlepool United FC. Est. 1908


I was a freelance business consultant and portfolio finance director and joined the club in January 2017 as its CEO. After a tough end to last season, our chairman decided to step down and I’ve stepped into the role and gained ownership of the club with another investor.

Club’s essence

The heart of Hartlepool.


Currently the club still receives ‘parachute’ payments from the football league. We’ll receive 100 per cent this year and 50 per cent next year if we don’t achieve promotion back to the football league. The remainder of our income is derived from match day income and owners’ subsidies.

Biggest obstacle

Last year it was the constant battle against putting the club into receivership.

Greatest achievement

In the 1956/57 season, the club played Manchester United in the FA Cup third round and were winning 3-1 at one point. In the end Busby’s Babes won 4-3. More recently, it would be the play-off finals of 2004/5 where the club was eight minutes away from promotion to the Championship.

Future plans

Making the club sustainable and attracting new investors.

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