Leading the field: Paul McIlduff

September 15, 2017

Paul McIlduff
Chairman, Whitley Bay FC. Est. 1950


I became involved with the club 17 years ago when a group of five business people got together and bought the existing major shareholder out. Within 15 months, the other four directors left the club for various reasons and I became chairman.

Club’s essence

Pride, passion and commitment, on and off the field.


The club is financed through several revenue streams: gate revenue, bar revenue, sponsorship revenue and directors’ contribution.

Biggest obstacle

Like many other non-league clubs, finance is the biggest obstacle the club faces. At both senior and junior ends of the club we wouldn’t survive if it wasn’t for volunteers. It angers me greatly that you see all this money coming into the Premier League. Most of it going into increasing footballer wages and agent fees with none filtering down to the grass roots football clubs like ours to help nurture and grow the game.

Greatest achievement

Winning four FA Vases, including three wins in a row at Wembley between 2009 and 2011.

Future plans

To plan is for the club to play at the highest level possible within our financial capabilities.

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