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May 1, 2019

Industrial technology company Tracerco provides unique and specialised detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions. With its global head office in Billingham, Teesside, it drives exciting technical innovation to bring significant benefits to its customers

As technology advancements continue to accelerate, Tracero is continuing to invest in research and development around advanced engineering and innovative ways of working.

“We are operating in such an exciting period of technology and advanced engineering development,” says Ian Croston, Tracerco’s research and development director.

Tracerco collects and interpretes data to provide clients with invaluable insights that allow them to perform more effectively. In recent years, the volumes and methods used to gather, store and analyse such big data have evolved significantly.

“Cloud technology has changed the game in terms of how much data we can now work with,” explains Tim Hough, technical development manager. “If you then look at how machine learning and artificial intelligence can be applied to big data, we can provide transformational insights to our customers.”

In support of such initiatives, Tracerco is embracing concepts around customer-focused design sprints and lean innovation to continue to evolve its own innovation culture.

Tim explains: “The team are producing some brilliant work, attending innovation roundtables and looking at how other industries apply advanced technologies to good effect. We are really excited about the possibilities for our customers.”

Ian adds: “This is a really exciting period for the business and having an innovation culture that helps us remain at the cutting-edge of technology is going to be vital.”

So, what are the key challenges to success in respect of such technology developments? “Critical to our success in exploring and developing the application of new technologies, despite what many might think, is people,” says Jon Tate, managing director.

“We have a great team here, whose capabilities are constantly evolving to help us in our pursuit of new innovations, but we also have to attract and recruit different skill sets to complement our existing resources.”

In support of this, Tracerco entered into a strategic partnership with Solutions Recruitment in October last year. Andrew Mears, director at Solutions Recruitment, explains: “Critical to Tracerco’s strategic priorities is having a fit for purpose recruitment strategy with the necessary resources, tools and processes that provide access to the talent Tracerco needs.”

“The benefit this has brought to our business has been significant,” says Fiona Tray, human resources director. “There are many practical benefits to the partnership around efficiency and return on investment.

“But what I am particularly pleased with is how our candidate journey has improved and the quality of their experience. As we continue to work with the Solutions team, we are excited to see this trend continue.”

Derek Woodhouse, recruitment business partner, adds: “As we are embedded here in the Tracerco organisation, we have an intrinsic understanding of the business and its culture and, as such, can operate as an effective partner and ambassador.”

In such a competitive labour market, when demand for skills in short supply is so high, the partnership approach Tracerco has adopted with Solutions Recruitment certainly appears to be producing dividends.

“We are getting more and more engagement from the candidate market,” says Derek.

“This is down to the great opportunities we have here at Tracerco, but also because of the consistency and quality of our message to market. This, in addition to the positive candidate experience, is really building momentum when it comes to attracting talent.”

For more information about Tracerco, visit www.tracerco.com, or to find out more about career opportunities, contact official recruitment partner, Solutions Recruitment, at www.solrecruit.co.uk.

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