Life as a software developer

March 2, 2016

Will Donkin, head of software development at Perfect Image, talks about how his job is more exciting than you might think

My world is varied, challenging, lateral, innovative and, ultimately, very rewarding. Being involved in a process that starts with a business challenge and results in the gratitude of the client gives me much satisfaction.

The ability to identify and fix issues that slow down, inhibit, and frustrate our clients is born of a confidence gained through training, experience and best practice methods, helping me to constructively challenge our clients in the way they think and operate towards a common strategic goal.

Bespoke software should be designed with that goal of making strategic corporate plans a reality, while ensuring that daily tactical and procedural work is made easier and more efficient.

If I do my job right, questions such as, ‘why click so many buttons?’, ‘why navigate so many screens?’ and, crucially, ‘why doesn’t our system fit the real world and the job I’m asked to do?’ become a thing of the past.

The reality of software development is a lot more dynamic, creative and interactive than you might think. We are detectives, problem solvers, architects, artists and engineers, with a need to fix the issue. It is all of these things that make me love my job. With each piece of software I write, I face a different challenge. I’m always learning, gaining experience and developing skills that make each day different, exciting and of value to my clients.

At Perfect Image, our software developers gain hands-on experience in this way, and we’re looking to recruit more talented people into our team.